Rap-Up TV: Ed Sheeran Talks U.S. Debut, Favorite Rappers, & British Invasion

Ed Sheeran has already broken records overseas with his full-length debut +, and now he has his sights set on America. During a recent trip to Los Angeles, Rap-Up TV caught up with the U.K. sensation to discuss his genre-bending album (due June 12 via Elektra Records), the British invasion, and linking up with Yelawolf.

“I’m happy to be in America and start off at the bottom,” said the red-haired singer-songwriter. “To be given the opportunity to do it is the hardest part.”

With the success of Adele and Jessie J, it may seem like U.K. stars are conquering the U.S., but Sheeran reminds us that it’s nothing new. “We’ve been swapping acts for years. You gave us Hendrix and Dylan, we gave you the Beatles and the Stones,” he said. “Now we’re swapping again. We give you Tinie [Tempah], you give us Lil Wayne. We give you Adele, you give us Rihanna.”

Earlier this year, he collaborated with Yelawolf on The Slumdon Bridge EP. “He will write a verse in 15 minutes and then go and do it in one take,” he said of the Alabama MC. “Musically he was teaching me stuff that I didn’t know and I was the one with the guitar.”

Plus, find out some of his favorite American rappers, which legendary singer he would like to work with, and the five songs currently on his iPod.