Rap-Up TV: Electrik Red Talks New Album, Christina Milian

The ladies of Electrik Red turned the sex appeal all the way up on their debut album How to Be a Lady: Volume 1, but they plan to take it down just a notch with their sophomore effort Volume 2. “Some things won’t be as hardcore because we went all the way in and now we’re gonna keep it light and fluffy,” Naomi tells Rap-Up TV. “We’re going to make people get up and dance because that’s what we like to do,” adds Lesley.

Binkie, Naomi, Lesley, and Sarah are working once more with Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, but also bringing some new collaborators into the mix.

The foursome, who are friends with Dream’s wife Christina Milian, also filled us in on how the new mom has adapted to motherhood and how she’s wasted no time getting back into shape. “She looks like she never even had [a baby]!” exclaims Lesley.