Rap-Up TV: Estelle Talks Common & Janelle Monáe Collaborations

In the second part of her interview with Rap-Up TV, Estelle gives us two more reasons to look forward to her third album All of Me. The British songstress breaks down collaborations with Common and Janelle Monáe.

One of her favorite tracks is the motivational “Victorious” featuring Common and produced by No I.D. “That song makes you feel like you can fly off a balcony,” explains Estelle. “This song is about saying we made our own way and we’re victorious. This is what we do.”

She also calls on Janelle Monáe for the Ne-Yo-penned “Do My Thing,” which was inspired by her humble beginnings living in her mother’s garage to starting a successful life of her own in the U.S.

“I was trying to write the song and it was just coming out too aggressive. I didn’t want people to leave with a bad taste,” says Estelle, who sang a few lines. “I asked Ne-Yo to write the song and he came back in an hour as he does.”

She felt a connection to the “Tightrope” singer that made working with her even easier. “As another black girl she is so singular. She’s genuinely nice and I understood where she was coming from with her style and her energy, and I feel that she got me too.”

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