Rap-Up TV: Game Eyes J. Cole Collaboration, Apologizes to Tyra Banks

In the last part of our interview with Game, the “Red Nation” leader reveals who he’d like to collaborate with next. “Personally I haven’t worked with J. Cole. I really dig dude’s style and his music,” he tells Rap-Up TV.

Game recently taped an episode of “America’s Next Top Model,” where he met Tyra Banks, whose forehead he famously rapped about on his 2005 hit “Higher.” “I had [my publicist] send over some flowers with a card that said, ‘Sorry about the fo’head joke.’ We joked about it, but she said she had never heard it,” he said, adding, “Her forehead wasn’t that big in real life. It was there, but it wasn’t as big.”

The Compton MC, whose R.E.D. Album drops August 23, also spoke about his two young sons. “That son is crazy,” he said of his youngest King Justice, who’s a big Justin Bieber fan. “He’s more of a friend than a son. He reminds me of myself when I was younger so much that it’s ridiculous. He wants to do everything that I do.” His older son Harlem is the complete opposite. “He might as well be from Lambda Lambda, he’s a nerd.”

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