Rap-Up TV: Game Introduces Charles Louboutin, Says Hip-Hop Is Oversaturated

To usher in his R.E.D. movement, Game has given himself a new alias. The Compton MC introduced us to Charles Louboutin on set of his “Red Nation” video shoot last week. “Christian Louboutin is the red bottom man,” he told Rap-Up TV of the famed shoe designer. “I’m kinda something like the red connoisseur. Charles Louboutin, man, it’s fly. … I thought I’d come with something creative that would kinda just sit there and stand for what I am and kinda give the ladies a little [something].”

He also elaborated on what he meant when he rapped on “Red Nation,” “Ni**as would trade they soul to be Drake or J. Cole.”

“Some of these cats would trade their souls for the limelight,” said the red Mohawk-sporting rapper. “It just seems like regular people are just starting to pick up the mic and write. I come from an era where you can count all the rappers on two hands. These days it’s a million.”

While he recognizes that the plethora of new talent can be a good thing, he also sees it as overkill. “We get dizzy with all these new one-hit wonders and of course the radio is all colorful,” he continued. “Maybe one day we’ll get back to what hip-hop is supposed to be and maybe we won’t. But I know I’ma blend in either way. I’m a chameleon.”