Rap-Up TV: Game Skates with Lupe Fiasco on ‘R.E.D. Album’

Game’s got something for everyone on The R.E.D. Album. In addition to records with Lil Wayne (“Red Nation,” “Bottles and Rockin’ J’s”), Tyler, the Creator (“Martians vs. Goblins”), and Nelly Furtado (“Mother Knows”), the Compton MC rolls with Lupe Fiasco on “Skate On.”

“Lupe skates and I thought it would be cool to kind of take that and make it reverse psychology,” Game tells Rap-Up TV. “You know when some bullshit’s about to jump off and somebody’s like, ‘Yo, I think we better skate?’ It’s kinda like that. … Lupe kicks this 20-bar verse that’s like crazy.”

He also reacted to the Chicago rapper’s controversial comments about President Obama. “I know Lupe and he’s a good dude. I don’t give a fuck ’cause Obama’s our president and I ain’t never met him yet, but he’s a cool guy.”

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