Rap-Up TV: Ice Cube Searches for Dr. Dre, Offers Advice to Nicki Minaj

Rap-Up TV sat down with hip-hop icon Ice Cube in his Los Angeles office overlooking Sunset Boulevard to discuss his latest album I Am the West, dropping next week, and his distant relationship with Dr. Dre, who never completed the tracks for his album. “Dre went M.I.A. I don’t know where he at. If ya’ll find him, tell him give me a call,” he says of his fellow N.W.A. alum.

The rapper-turned-actor also shares his advice for newcomer Nicki Minaj. “I think she got what it takes to make a dent out here as a female MC, which ain’t easy,” he states. “As long as she sticks to the lyrics—more lyrics, less sex, more lyrics, less showing your ass—she can blow. She gotta drop a whole album and then we’ll see.” But who does he think had the best verse on Kanye’s “Monster”?

Plus, Cube shows his support for Soulja Boy and reveals which pop star (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, or Madonna) he would collaborate with if asked. And after nine solo albums, will the rap pioneer be hanging up the mic? Head West and find out.