Rap-Up TV: Jay Sean Freezes Time with Pharrell, Readies Mixtape

Jay Sean showed up to support his friend Pharrell at the launch of his Qream liqueur last week. The Cash Money signee was recently in the studio with Skateboard P working on his new album Freeze Time.

“We did three songs together over the last couple of weeks for my new album,” the British singer told Rap-Up TV. “While music is changing so much, he’s keeping up with the trends, but he’s still making sure he doesn’t let go of what makes his music his music. It’s got that unique Pharrell sound.”

He also shared details about his upcoming mixtape The Mistress, due next month. “For me, it’s my new passion project,” he explained. “It’s a little nod to throwback R&B, the stuff that I grew up to. It’s just fun. It’s not going in there and over-thinking anything. It’s just doing some stuff that I wanted to do, perhaps doing some stuff that America hasn’t heard. It’s showing the other side of me. It’s my other love, my hidden love.”

And for those patiently waiting on Freeze Time, Jay assures that it’s coming. “End of the year, definitely.”