Rap-Up TV: Lupe Fiasco Sounds Off on Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj, Odd Future

In the third and final part of our exclusive interview with Lupe Fiasco, the 29-year-old rapper shares his thoughts on the Lil’ Kim-Nicki Minaj beef, saying the rap divas should squash their differences. “It’s stupid,” he laughed. “They need to jump in the booth and do some songs together.”

He also gave his stamp of approval to hip-hop newcomer Lil B. “I’m always a big fan of Lil B. He’s the little homie,” he said. “Anything that I can help to support his situation I do, whether it’s as simple as tweeting him or shouting him out in interviews. He’s a dude that has a super talent, and just a lot of initiative.”

Tyler, the Creator and his group Odd Future are on the Chi-town MC’s radar as well. “They got a lot of potential, so it’s interesting to see how it’s gonna turn out for them,” said Lupe after seeing the rap crew perform on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Also filling up Lupe’s iPod these days are Frank Ocean, Slaughterhouse, Kid Cudi, Diggy Simmons, and B.o.B. “The commercial side of [hip-hop] is starting to repeat [itself],” explained Lupe, “but for the most part [they’re] still some good MCs out there, good lyrics, good songs.”

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