Rap-Up TV: Ne-Yo Praises Nicki Minaj, Dreams Up Kanye West and Obama Collaboration

On November 6, Ne-Yo wants you to do two things—vote and pick up his new album R.E.D. The project, an acronym for Realizing Every Dream, features the single “Let Me Love You” plus collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Tim McGraw, Diddy, and Fabolous.

The R&B gentleman has crafted hits for everyone from Beyoncé to Young Jeezy, but it’s the President who he would like to work with next.

“Obama has a pretty decent singing voice,” Ne-Yo told Rap-Up TV. “I feel like I could take that and do something with it and then we add Kanye for the controversy element and just the fact that he’s a frickin’ musical genius.”

Another person on his wish list of collaborators is Nicki Minaj. “Huge fan of Nicki Minaj,” he said. “I love the fact that she is who she is. In a day and age where everybody’s copying everything… It almost seems like individuality and originality is taboo nowadays. I dig the fact that she comes out and does what she does, and makes no apologies for it.”

The Grammy winner also shared his admiration for fellow singer-songwriters Frank Ocean (“His take on R&B is not typical”) and Taylor Swift. “Even if you’re not a country music fan, you can’t sleep on the fact that that’s just damn talent,” he said.