Rap-Up TV: Ne-Yo Talks New Album, Writing for Beyoncé, & Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ Video

In between diaper duty for his three-month-old daughter and writing for Jennifer Hudson and his new artist Loren Allred, Ne-Yo has been in the lab working on his fifth album. For those that didn’t grasp last year’s concept-heavy Libra Scale, the R&B gentleman is keeping it simple on his next project.

“I’m putting together a new album as we speak. Be looking for that in September,” Ne-Yo told Rap-Up TV at Jay-Z and LeBron James’ Two Kings Dinner. “I’m definitely gonna make this one a little more simple. I feel like [on] Libra Scale, I got a little too cool for the room. It was a little difficult to understand what was going on, catch the concept. So this one is gonna be more about just listening to the music and vibing out.”

While we pressed for answers, the singer was unable to reveal too much about Beyoncé’s next album. “It’s coming along nicely,” he shared. “I did a couple sessions with Beyoncé. I don’t know what she’s going to keep. I know that Beyoncé is one of those artists that always tries to push the envelope, so nothing is ever good enough, but that’s what makes Beyoncé Beyoncé.”

He also offered his thoughts on his pal Rihanna’s controversial video for “S&M.” “I think it’s a very entertaining video,” said Ne-Yo with a smirk.