Rap-Up TV: RedOne Talks Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Hudson

RedOne and Jennifer Lopez are enjoying success on the charts once again with “Live It Up.” After their history of hits, the two decided to take their relationship to the next level. Earlier this month, the Grammy-winning producer announced that he had signed the pop megastar to his label 2101 Records/Capitol Records and is executive producing her upcoming 10th album.

“The album is almost done. It has at least four or five bangers, incredible hits,” the Moroccan-born hitmaker told Rap-Up TV at the BMI Pop Awards.

Expect “everything” from the album, due later this year/early 2014. “It’s Jennifer Lopez, she’s done it all. From dance to urban records, so that’s what we’re doing,” he said. “We’re doing an album that has everything. She’s an incredible A&R herself, so she loves music, she knows what she wants, and I’m just helping her to do that album.”

While he and Lady Gaga have topped the charts with “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance,” he’s unsure if they will be working together again on Gaga’s upcoming album Artpop. “We’ve done half a song or song, but not that we’re working, absolutely not,” he said. “It might happen, it might not.”

However, he is lending his Midas touch to Jennifer Hudson’s new album. “It’s not dance dance, but it’s soulful dance. It’s very ’70s kinda style,” he said.

In addition to established acts, RedOne is working on music for his 2101 roster including Midnight Red, Mohombi, DJ Havana Brown, and Porcelain Black.