Rap-Up TV: Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins Shares Advice for Ciara

After the fall out with her label Jive Records, industry watchers are keeping close tabs on Ciara’s next move. Super-producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins recently met up with the singer to discuss her future and let us in on their talks.

“I had a meeting with her about what her future holds and I told her I was there if she ever needed my creative juices, so hopefully me and her get in the studio and work,” he told Rap-Up TV at the BMI Pop Music Awards.

While there are currently no plans to have her sign to his label, he did offer his advice. “We had a long talk. I think she just has to get back to where she started,” he explained. “She had a lane that was specifically hers—that ghetto urban lane with the 808s. No female was doing that and she had it. I think if she just gets back to that, goes back to the blueprint…”

Darkchild, who produced her 2007 collaboration with 50 Cent “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone,” told CiCi to remain true to herself. “I encouraged her when I met with her, just stick to the roots—stick to who you are. Don’t let nobody change you.”