Rap-Up TV: Rye Rye Goes Hard on New Mixtape, Calls for Unity in Female Rap

Rye Rye makes her long-awaited debut with her album Go! Pop! Bang!, which lands in stores today. “There’s a lot of mainstream producers, but it’s my flavor,” said the Baltimore MC, who worked with Pharrell, Bangladesh, and Egyptian Lover. “Everything sounds refreshing.”

After nearly two years of delays, she is relieved to finally deliver the project to her fans. “I never was frustrated about it not coming out,” she told Rap-Up TV. “I thought it was a good thing that it got pushed back. I’m not gonna deliver something unless it’s ready.”

Now that her album is out, she is working on a new mixtape, the follow-up to last year’s RYEotpowRR. “My first mixtape was all party,” said the 21-year-old, who sampled Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Ni**as in Paris” on one of the new cuts. “But this one I’m going into a vibe where it’s just straight hard. It’s just me killin’ straight hard hip-hop beats.”

M.I.A.’s protégée has no beef with her fellow femcees and called for unity in female rap. “I support every female artist in the industry. I feel like if the guys can get along, why can’t the girls? Girls tend to look at everything as a competition,” she said, adding, “I like Azealia [Banks’] movement, I support it 100 percent, and I think everybody’s doing their thing.”