Rap-Up TV: ScHoolboy Q Talks Competing with Kendrick, Tyler, the Creator, & Grammys

With his major label debut Oxymoron in stores now, ScHoolboy Q is feeling pretty good about himself. During a listening session in L.A. last week, the confident Black Hippy discussed the friendly competition between him and his TDE labelmate Kendrick Lamar.

“Most people think that we really like tryna battle for a spot,” he told Rap-Up TV. “Kendrick’s a lot bigger than me, realistically. I would love to take his spot, but if I don’t, I’m always happy that it’s my friend that’s in front of me. You can never be more happy.”

Kendrick, who is featured on “Collard Greens,” has given Oxymoron his stamp of approval. “He thought it was hard,” said Q. “He said, ‘That shit crazy.’ He ain’t heard nothing that crazy in a long time.”

However, after going to bat for Kendrick after his Grammy shutout, Q has decided to keep his mouth shut. “It happened. It’s over. I’ma stop talking about the Grammys ’cause stuff like that…they may not want to invite me so I’ma leave that out of everything,” he said.

In addition to K-Dot, he collaborated with Tyler, the Creator (“The Purge”). “I’ve always been a fan of Tyler,” he said of the Odd Future frontman. “Tyler, I come to find out he was a fan of me.”

It was their mutual friend Earl Sweatshirt who brought them together. “Me and Earl Sweatshirt are real cool and that energy feeds off. It fed off to Tyler and we just linked. One of us said, ‘Fuck it,’ and hit each other on the text and it actually came through.”

Starting next month, Q will hit the road on his “Oxymoron” tour. So what can fans expect?

“They ain’t never seen a fat boy move the way I move. You’ll never see a fat boy as electrifying as I am on stage. I let it out. I don’t care if I throw up on stage, if I gotta bend over and breathe, I don’t care if ya’ll see that. I’m leavin’ it on stage.”