Rap-Up TV: Sean Garrett Reveals ‘Sick’ Song on Brandy’s Album

Brandy embarked on the next chapter of her career last week with her hot new single “Put It Down” featuring Chris Brown. One of the hitmakers responsible for her new sound is Sean Garrett, who produced the track with Bangladesh. Rap-Up TV caught up with Sean to discuss Brandy’s comeback and her upcoming album Two Eleven, for which he helmed nine tracks.

“When I got the call to work with her, I felt like, ‘Wow, this would be an opportunity for me to sort of work with one of my dream artists,'” said Sean, who explained how the Chris collaboration came about.

“People probably thought there would be a rapper on there and we wanted to surprise people,” he said. “[Chris] tweeted and said that Brandy’s the most phenomenal vocalist of all time, so what more can you say? He gave it up to her and he’s not easily impressed.”

Brandy’s RCA/Chameleon Records debut is due this summer. “‘Put It Down’ is a good segway to what the album is about,” he explained. “The album’s definitely not predictable. At the same time, it’s progressive. It’s made to excite people. It’s about keeping people intrigued. It’s about entertainment.

“Brandy always made people feel a certain type of way with her music. And so we wanted to keep that integrity, but we wanted to also make the new fans respect who she is because she’s an icon, she’s a living legend.”

Plus, he revealed a drum-heavy track he did with Bangladesh called “Sick.” “I feel like a lot of women are gonna love that record,” he teased.