Rap-Up TV: T-Pain Explains What Happened to T-Wayne Album

With his new album rEVOLVEr in stores today, an overjoyed T-Pain sat down with Rap-Up TV in Beverly Hills. The Auto-Tune master was all laughs as he discussed how the project stacks up to his previous works. “I really took my time on this album,” he explained. “Usually it takes me four or five months to make an album. This one took two-and-a-half years. I think I’m this close to perfecting my craft. I haven’t reached my peak yet at all.”

The “5 O’Clock” hitmaker also shed light on what happened to his highly-publicized collaborative album with Lil Wayne. “When [Wayne] got into his little trouble, that was right at the peak of when we was like, ‘OK, let’s go. Let’s do this now.’ He finally had time, then he went to jail,” said Pain, who recorded eight or nine songs for the project before it was scrapped.

While he’s still up for it, he doesn’t think Weezy is interested. “Things happen and I’m pretty sure he’s over the whole idea now. I don’t even be bringing it up to him no more. I’m pretty sure he’s way past that right now. He’s doing big things.”

However, the two did collaborate for rEVOLVEr on the in-your-face anthem “Bang Bang Pow Pow,” produced by T-Minus. Find out how the collaboration came about.