Rap-Up TV: T-Pain Shares Bond with Chris Brown and Ke$ha

In the final part of his interview with Rap-Up TV, T-Pain opens up about his friendship with Chris Brown and Ke$ha.

“I think my relationship with Chris is better than anybody else,” shares the “5 O’Clock” singer. “I don’t think I chill or bond with any other artist like that.”

T-Pain collaborated twice with Chris on his new album rEVOLVEr. “He’s winning more than anybody right now,” says a supportive Pain. “I don’t bother him, I don’t even call him, I just wait till he calls me.”

While they may seem like an odd pair, he and Ke$ha bonded because they’re both “rock stars.” But the “TiK ToK” singer is holding out on a collaboration. “She’s disappeared off the face of the Earth,” jokes Pain. “She has a song for me, but she don’t want to give it to me ’cause she think I’ma put it out.”