Rap-Up TV: T.I. Prepares for ‘Astronomical’ Christmas

When your father is T.I., the stakes are high for Christmas. The Trouble Man shares the long list of expensive gifts—from MacBooks to hoverboards—that his six children have requested. But this year, he also wants them to recognize all the hard work that goes into buying these presents.

“They need to know that you just don’t ask for things and they show up,” said Tip, whose family stars with him on his VH1 docu-series “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.” “There’s some cause and effect that has to be applied for this to be made into a reality.”

While he dressed up as Santa Claus for a toy giveaway last year, don’t count on a repeat this Christmas. He laughed off the “embarrassing” episode, but also recognized the good he did.

“As long as [the children] were happy, there were smiles on their faces, and they enjoyed it, then it was worth the embarrassment for me,” Tip told Rap-Up TV.

Plus, find out the King’s New Year’s resolution.