Exclusive: Safaree Opens Up About Nicki Minaj Lawsuit, Meek Mill & Game Feud

Safaree Samuels may be best known as Nicki Minaj’e ex, but the rapper-producer is quickly making a name for himself. When he’s not starring as the newest member of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” Samuels is working on an EP and has been in the studio with the likes of Azealia Banks and K. Michelle. And he even has his own line of coconut oil and sunglasses on the way.

During a recent visit to Rap-Up, SB opened up about several hot topics, including his high-profile breakup with the biggest female rapper in the world.

“Dealing with the whole break up publicly and all of that, during the whole process, I stayed a lot to myself,” he said. “For some people, that’s probably not good. For some reason with me, it made me a strong individual. A lot of people say, ‘If I were you, I would have been killing people. I would have been killing myself…I would have had a breakdown.’ With me, I laugh and joke so much, it’s hard for me to take things so serious and be acting heartbroken and upset and bitter towards people just because I feel so happy in my own skin at times.”

Although he says the breakup was handled with jokes, it was no laughing matter when he readied a lawsuit against Minaj in November. At the time, he was asking for a cut of Nicki’s album sales. However, he now reveals that he’s since had a change of heart.

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“I dropped everything,” he said. “I’d started a process and then I was like, ‘It is what it is. If you want to deal with it like that, go ahead. I ain’t trippin’.’ I’m doing a lot and I don’t want to have to deal with depositions and courts and all of that. Ain’t nobody threatened me. Ain’t nobody make me do it. At the end of the day, I didn’t even wanna do it. I just know if it was me and the shoe was on the other foot, I’d handle it and just say, ‘Peace out. Here. Do what you gotta do. That’s it.’ But I just dropped it.”

Safaree has moved on from the relationship. “I’m in such a good headspace so I’m not even focusing on that,” he explained. “Even when people bring it up to me and everything that has to do with her, it does not phase me.”

Recently, however, the breakup was brought up once again in the public eye when The Game claimed Meek Mill FaceTimed Nicki while Safaree was being intimate with another woman. Samuels responded to that allegation with an Instagram comment: “Honestly,” he wrote. “i should thank him.”

When asked about this, SB revealed that The Game was onto something with that post. “[Meek] definitely was a big part as to why me and Nicki broke up,” he admitted.

As far as the beef goes, Samuels says “The Game is a beast.” He adds: “‘Pest Control’ was one of the craziest diss records of all time in diss history. There’s nothing to make of it. It’s not even on no bias shit.”

So, does he feel any sympathy for Meek’s ongoing rap beefs? “I don’t feel no sympathy for nobody who don’t care about me,” he said. “It is what it is.”

You can catch Safaree on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” every Monday at 8 p.m. on VH1 and download his mixtape It Is What It Is, Vol. 2 on iTunes.