Exclusive: Sean Garrett Says He Owes His Career to Beyoncé & Jay Z

The Carters stay “Shining,” even in the eyes of their frequent collaborators. Recently, Sean “The Pen” Garrett, known for his work with the likes of Ciara, Usher, Fergie, and Destiny’s Child, sat down with Rap-Up TV to talk about why he owes his chart-dominating career to Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

“Beyoncé might be responsible for my career,” he said. “I feel humble enough to admit that because she didn’t have to do that. She helped me get my deal at Columbia, as a matter of fact. She’s done so much for me. Her and Jay. Jay named me The Pen. You know? I’ve just been really blessed. I owe my career to Jay Z and Beyoncé.”

That career has included writing smashes for ‘Yoncé, including “Upgrade U,” “Check On It,” and “Ring the Alarm.” According to The Pen, it’s a relationship rooted in appreciation and high standards. “I love Beyoncé,” he said. “Jay, don’t get mad at me. I’ve always been in love with Beyoncé. She’s a special person. She don’t have to say much of anything and she brings out the best of you. Her standards are so high for herself, that it makes you want to really give her all you got.”

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Although he’s worked on several hits with Bey, “Diva” stands out as one of his proudest moments. “I remember calling Jay and saying, ‘I got some shit hotter than what I’ve ever done.’ I was talking so crazy,” Garrett recalls. “He was like, ‘You talking all that shit, man. Send that shit.’ I’ll never forget sending him ‘Diva’ and him calling me back. That was one of the most memorable times in my life because Jay is very hard to impress, especially when you’re doing shit for his wife.”

Although they haven’t worked together since “Lay Up Under Me,” a bonus cut on 2011’s 4, Sean says he’s ready for another collab. “I feel like the time we’ve had apart is only going to make the shit much more lethal whenever we get back together,” he said. “You got to know, when Sean Garrett and Beyoncé get back together, shit’s gonna go fucking nuts.”

Garrett is now gearing up to release the follow-up to 2010’s The Inkwell, which is set to feature collaborations with Migos’ Offset and Lil Yachty, who appears on the lead single “Look on Your Face.”

“I wanted to make this album one of those summer anthem albums,” he said. “There’s a lot of music out, but I don’t feel like people are loving music. They’re hearing music, but I don’t feel like people are in love with what’s coming out.”