Rap-Up TV: Sevyn Streeter Interviews B.o.B

Sevyn Streeter and B.o.B have been heating up the red carpet and Instagram since going public with their relationship. Now hip-hop’s hot couple goes back and forth in their first one-on-one interview. B.o.B stopped by Rap-Up HQ last month, but he had no idea that Sevyn was about to surprise him and conduct the interview.

After the shock wore off, Sevyn switched right into interview mode, adopting her journalist alter ego Amber (her real name). She put her man in the hot seat, grilling him about their relationship and his romantic past.

During the juicy seven minutes, B.o.B discussed his latest project Psycadelik Thoughtz (not to be confused with Psycadelik Thotz) and whether he’s a member of the Illuminati (that’s a no).

Sevyn Amber had B.o.B squirming when she asked about his “hot little steamy relationship with this artist named Sevyn Streeter.” “I think it’s a lot of steamy,” replied B.o.B, who revealed how they met.

“She is so nasty,” said B.o.B. “She be like, I don’t care who’s watching.”

But Sevyn wasn’t done making her boo sweat, and threw in a question about him getting a girl pregnant at the age of 16, which he references on T.I.’s “Memories Back Then.” “That story was a true story. I really thought that I got a girl pregnant and it was the first girl I ever slept with, lost my virginity to,” he revealed.

“So the eggplant was that strong way back then?” Sevyn shot back. “You thought you got the first girl pregnant?”

Plus, watch B.o.B teach Sevyn to meditate and strike a pose like his album cover.