Three 6 Mafia: Walkin’ It Out

Three 6 Mafia understands the importance of change. The rap duo has survived plenty of changes over the course of the group’s career, yet the musical connection between members DJ Paul and Juicy J has remained the same despite all the mix-ups. The group has come a long way since the days of being referred to as Triple Six Mafia and having several group members shifting in and finally out. During Three Six Mafia’s transformation, the team of DJ Paul and Juicy J has been able to snag themselves an Oscar win, their own reality show, “Adventures In Hollyhood,” and their first album, Last 2 Walk, created as a duo. Though Three 6 Mafia has been downsized in members, the pair has a résumé that continues to grow with numerous projects ready to be conquered.

It’s only two of you guys that now make up Three 6 Mafia. What’s been going on with the changes and cuts?

Paul: Everything is still the same. We were always the heart of the group anyway, so it’s like nothing has changed. It’s still the same.

Do you still speak to Crunchy Black?

Juicy: I haven’t talked to him since he left. When he left, I didn’t know. He just got on a plane. I woke up the next morning and he was gone. That was like last year, April. He actually left on my birthday.

Do you want to patch things up with him?

Juicy: I think that everything’s good so far. He wanted to go solo, so I’m happy for him. It’s all good. I’ve moved on.

Do you feel like a lot of your old friendships have tarnished because of the fame, fortune, and money?

Paul: You always lose friends when there’s money involved because you can’t pay everybody’s bills. Everybody wants you to pay their bills for them and take care of their kids and you can’t do that. You can’t make everybody happy.

How did you come up with the album title, Last 2 Walk?

Paul: It’s sort of like, when the smoke clears and it’s the last man standing type of thing. We’re the last two walking. When the war was over, there was only two men still standing there and it was us two.

Are you excited about the new album?

Juicy: I’m nervous.

Why are you nervous? Is it because it’s just you two now?

Juicy: No. I’m not worried about that because we’ve been doing the music ourselves. But you don’t know how a person will accept your music. We’ve been around for so long and I’m always nervous when we work on an album. We try to keep our music the same for our fans, but they might want to hear different. You never know.

You have Chamillionaire on your first single, “Doe Boy Fresh.” Who else can we look for on the new album?

Paul: Paul Wall, Lil’ Keke, Lyfe Jennings, Lil Jon, Game and probably a feature from Akon. We got Project Pat, Lil’ White, the girls from Crime Mob, 8Ball and MJG. That’s about it.

How did you come up with the catchy single, “Doe Boy Fresh?”

Paul: I don’t know.

Juicy, why are you so quiet back there? What are you doing?

Juicy: I was combing my hair.

Combing your hair? Are you trying to get “Doe Boy Fresh” right now?

Juicy: Yeah, exactly. That’s it.
Paul: Songs just pop into our head to tell you the truth. We’ll just be sitting there and the shit would just pop into our head and we’ll make a song out of it.


Juicy, when was the last time that you didn’t feel “Doe Boy Fresh?” When you were like, “You know what? I’m not really feeling this outfit. I don’t really feel ‘Doe Boy Fresh.’”

Juicy: Man, I can’t even remember.

Your stylist must really give you the hook-ups.

Juicy: Yeah. Even when I don’t have my stylist, I still feel like that. Even with nappy hair, I still feel like I’m Doe Boy.
Paul: We’re in the process of bringing out our own clothing line.

What’s the name of it?

Paul: We can’t say yet.

Are you going to be creating a line for the ladies?

Paul: Hell yeah.

Can a woman be “Doe Boy Fresh?” What’s your tip for a lady trying to stay “Doe Boy Fresh?”

Paul: Yeah. Keep yourself clean. Keep your kicks clean. Keep everything else clean and looking good and smelling good. You can be “Doe Boy Fresh” with old clothes on. Just wash them and iron them.

How was your spring break? You did a whole spring break reality show on MTV. How was that?

Juicy: That was off the chain. We want to do it again.
Paul: Hell yeah. That was fun. Did you see it?

Yes, I saw ya’ll going parasailing. We’re you two scared?

Paul: No. Once you get up there it’s cool. I had this camera pack on my stomach and I put a 6-pack in it and I was just up there drinking beers.
Juicy: I didn’t even parasail. I was too drunk.

What’s the experience like when you go back to your hometown?

Paul: At home we get mad love from everybody. We got the key to the city. We even have a music note in the ground downtown. It’s mad love. We’re cool with the mayor.

What do you guys think about the state of hip-hop right now? You have producers beefing and many people classifying hip-hop as being dead.

Paul: Hip-hop is going through its thing right now. Soundscans are down, I’ll tell you that much. It definitely ain’t dead because hip-hop has us out here doing all kinds of shit. You have T.I. in a Chevrolet commercial and all over the place. I think it’s too much computer shit. It’s too easy to get free music on the Internet. If hip-hop were to die, it would be because of the computer.

Juicy, what do you think of the Scott Storch and Timbaland beef?

Juicy: I think we all need to stick together, work together, and make this money. I wish I could do a song with both of them. Those dudes used to work together, so I think they’ll squash it.

Are you guys excited about your new reality show, “Adventures In Hollyhood?”

Paul: It’s the funniest show in the world. It [will] be the next “Three’s Company” and “Sanford and Son” of ‘07. It airs Thursdays on MTV at 10pm.

Do you have anything to say to your fans?

Paul: Check out the new show, “Adventures In Hollyhood.” Check out each show because each episode is totally different. We teaching on there. It’s Edutainment. Entertainment and education put together.
Juicy: Stay focused and keep God first.
Paul: And don’t eat late meals. It will get you fat.

Three 6 Mafia’s new album, Last 2 Walk, is due out this July. “Adventures In Hollyhood” airs Thursdays at 10pm on MTV. Visit Three 6 Mafia’s official website at