Tiffany Evans: Bonafide Woman

Even on a rainy day in New York, songstress Tiffany Evans still glows. She lights up the room in the Sony building with her bright smile and personality. Even her apparel is colorful despite the weather, rocking a pink baby tee, skinny jeans, and a pair of multi-colored Nike Air Max 90s. The Bronx native shows her Southern hospitality, as she gets comfy on a long green couch by asking if it’s convenient for her to peruse the latest issue of Rap-Up magazine to check out her Under Raps feature.

Tiffany won’t be under raps much longer. The 15-year-old has a new single out which demands respect, “I’m Grown,” featuring Bow Wow. Her self-titled debut album is currently in its packaging process and will hit stores and online outlets on April 22nd. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the little lady. got to dig a little deeper into the star’s life as an adolescent growing up in the music industry, her aspirations, her goals, her personal hobbies, and the sacrifices she has made to do what she loves—sing.

Let’s talk about this new single title, “I’m Grown.”

Yes, let’s talk about this title. This is something that I really want to talk about.

Do you think you’re grown?

I’ll be 16 this year. When I say I’m grown, it’s not about my age because really I feel like age defines no person at all. You can be 18 and you can be able to go to the club and able to do whatever you want. At 21, you can drink and rent a car or whatever. It’s really not about your age. It’s about what’s in your head. A lot of people grow up and they’re still immature and still young in the mind. If you’re taking care of yourself, doing your thing, you’re not letting anyone get in the way of that, you’re focused, whether it’s in school, a job or just you, you are grown.

This business will make you grow up pretty fast.

Yes. This is an adult job and some people can’t handle certain things that come with this job. The only people who can understand what I’m going through would be a Chris Brown or a Rihanna. Basically, it’s just me telling people that I deserve respect just like everyone else and that I’ve grown up. I’ve been through a lot and I just want the world to notice that and not to treat me like I am a ditz. I’m not slow.

Since you are still young, do you miss going to school with your neighborhood friends?

Sometimes I wish that I could be able to chill but also this is something that I really love, so it don’t matter [laughs]. These are the types of things that you have to sacrifice in this business.


Do you want to go to college?

Most definitely. When I go to college, I want to study business management. I want to sing and singing is everything, but I definitely want to venture off into other things.

What do you like to do during your down time such as a rainy day like this?

I like to cook.

What’s the best Tiffany meal you can make?

I’m always in the kitchen with my mother. She started to teach me how to cook when I was like nine. My first dish was cornbread and fish.

How do you make cornbread?

It’s easy. Get the milk and the eggs and you beat that up [laughs]. But now, I would make cornbread, pork chops, and I know all of it is greasy, but my mother’s mother is from Alabama, so we have that kind of down South in us. I like to cook Thanksgiving food. But on a daily basis, it would be like some rice and some fish.

Are there any dream movie roles you’d like to have the opportunity to play?

I really want to be in a dramatic movie because I’m so dramatic. [I want to play] a person who’s been through a lot, a movie that can touch a lot of people.

Tiffany Evans’ self-titled debut album will be released on April 22nd. Visit Tiffany’s official website at