Trina: Alter Ego

When you hear Trina’s name, do her dangerous curves and sassy mouth come to mind before her rhyming skills? Think again. The self-proclaimed “Baddest Bitch” is back in the studio, putting the final touches on her fourth album, Still the Baddest, which is set to drop on February 12, 2008, and this time around she knows what she has to do to be taken seriously. Adventurous with new musical styles, and strengthened by her life experiences, she’s ready to prove that the females are going to rep hard in ’08’s rap game. She’s still throwing her raw sexuality out there, but she’s putting her heart into every track to prove that what you see isn’t always what you get.

What are some tracks on this album that fans may be surprised to hear?

I think definitely the first single [“Single Again”] with me singing on the hook. That was so different. I was in the studio like, “Okay, I’m not a singer so what am I doing?” But I went from humming along in my head to making it a reality out loud. And when I sang the hook, everybody was like, “Oh that’s crazy!” It was a lot of fun for me. I also got a record called “Crash My Party” which is a real crazy techno [song]. It’s a jump up and down kind of record and it was definitely different for me because I’ve never done anything on a techno beat.

Do you think your energy on this album is different because you’re single and looking at things through a different perspective?

I just think it’s because of the place I’m in. I’m happy. I feel good about going into the studio on this project after the change from Atlantic [Records] and with all the issues from the label’s side. When it came down to the actual production and putting the album together, I was in a more peaceful place. Just the production from everyone from Scott Storch to Cool & Dre—the producers I’ve been working with have been bringing it out of me.

When you look back at your relationship with Lil Wayne, what do you think?

I think that past part of my life… It’s a beautiful reflection of a lot of great memories. I appreciate it. I think that in a person’s life, they have to have beautiful past memories like that to keep moving toward the future… In order to see what they’re looking for and for stability. It was a great experience and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Did he bring out a new side to your personality?

In every situation, you’re always going to have a certain part of you that comes out that’s different. I’m happy to have been able to indulge in that—to be able to experience my weak side and my strong side. I’ve learned so much about myself.


There’s a lack of female MCs right now. Do you think that’s going to work to your advantage because there won’t be much competition or do you think you’d go hard either way?

I think I’d go hard either way. Competition is always great. I think everything you do, it’s always competitive no matter what field you’re in. There’s always going to be somebody that’s going to be competing in your field. There aren’t that many female artists, but the ones that are in the business, I love and respect them. From Lil’ Kim to Missy to Eve to Shawnna, everyone is doing their own thing. I think we all have similarities but we all are different in our own ways. And because there’s such a lack of females in the game, for me it’s like, you gotta smash hard, you gotta [make] an impact, and you gotta do you. We need that unity from the females and we need to join forces and make records together.

I read that you’re very quiet and humble when you’re not in the public eye. Do you have an alter ego that you channel?

[Laughs] I think so. I think that’s a part of being a person and an artist, being able to be creative. On a day-to-day basis, I’m more laid-back, more quiet. Around my friends and family I like to chill, relax, and do normal things. When I’m on stage and in the studio working, that’s my job so I go the extra mile. There’s that second part of me that comes out. Sometimes when I’m on stage or when I look at a tape, I’m like, “Was that me?” I’m on the stage and I’m feeling it but I don’t really feel like I did all that. When I’m looking at myself I’m like, “Wow, you turn into a beast on stage!” That’s the sexy side of me and when I’m not working, everything is more toned down.

Trina’s fourth album, Still the Baddest, is scheduled to hit stores February 12, 2008. Visit Trina’s official website at