New Music: Nelly f/ Usher – ‘Long Night’


Nelly has assembled an all-star cast for his fifth album Brass Knuckles. One of the superstar guest appearances is Usher. The two collaborated on a track called “Long Night” produced by Usher’s brother JLack. Brass Knuckles is due out August 19th. The album will face off against Young Jeezy’s The Recession.

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    1st…..this is a really hott colaboration the song is fire

  2. nasia

    Horrible I Almost Committed Suicide Listening 2 That Crap I really Expected Something Amazing From these 2 Collaborating but That Was Just Wack This Is just My opinion =]

  3. MW

    Still will probably flop…

  4. Joshua

    I agree; this collaboration isn’t as good as it could be. Nelly’s rapping seems off and the beat doesn’t help much. I hope the other huge collabos are better than this…

  5. paulo

    I was expecting more !!!!

    What’s happening with music these days?

    Usher’s album is boring, Amy is dying, Britney is insane, Madonna as become a hip-hop artist, eminem has dissapeared…. and nelly album is going to flop!!!

    I hope mariah can save the music industry!!!
    (not alone of course)

    Where’s kelis? or outkast? or eminem? or missy?

  6. jj pig


    But true artist with great albuns are also flopping- Kelis, Jewel, ashanti, janet, robyn, snoop, nerd, darren hayes, joe, alanis (what an artist!), m.i.a…. Do you need more???
    Music isn’t fresh, new like it used to be…
    Do you remenber the “bubblegum pop” days?
    I even miss the spice girls, destinys child, aqua, vengaboys, and dance music!!!!

  7. amar

    to the person above

    missy and eminem are working on new albums out this year

  8. jj pig

    Yeah! i knew it but it will sell or flop?

    What do you think??

  9. gil II yeah

    yeah this big!!! i love it nely is back!!!

  10. angie b

    I have to disagree with all the negativity on here…I love it! Nelly\’s flow is on point and Usher\’s voice sounds great! I definately would have rather had this as a single opposed to that damned Jordan song!

  11. gil II yeah

    angie me to

  12. yeahyeah

    this is no dilemma, over and over, or no place: nelly’s voice is a bit more strong for a tight, slow beat like this. if he were to sing it like those previous tracks then it would have been better, but i still like this track. go nelly.

  13. KellsTv


  14. Federica

    I’d love this song without nelly… oh wait, that’s his album…

  15. keyjhad

    lol and lil\’kim she\’s in da way to,hope she will bring something good like the mixtape ms g.o.a.t congratulation to her, good work

  16. JJ

    i listened to da song.. its not da best song he\\\’s done but there\\\’s nothing wrong wit it its a great song