BoA Enlists U.S. Hitmakers for English Debut


Korean pop star BoA is gearing up for her U.S. launch beginning with a move to the West Coast. The singer, who recently relocated to Los Angeles, is assembling an all-star team of producers and songwriters for her English-language debut album, scheduled for release next year.

Producers/songwriters Brian Kennedy (Rihanna’s “Disturbia”) and Sean Garrett (Beyoncé’s “Ring the Alarm”) are already on board, while a remix to “Eat You Up” featuring Flo Rida has been recorded and will be released in the coming month. The Bloodshy & Avant-produced first single is available now on iTunes.

BoA celebrated her 22nd birthday last week with a packed event at Los Angeles hotspot Zune LA.

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  1. Marcos

    *–* Good luck BoA! I’m so excited bout this debut!!
    Please ppl, support her and give her a try.. just like i fell in love with her 5 years ago, y’all can fall too.. xD
    Eat You Up is amazing!!

  2. V.I.P. JiGGa

    I guess.

  3. Danny Truong

    I’m excited for my favorite singer; BoA who is one of the few premiered in your magazine as an Asian Pop star.
    You have featured her in favorable praise in addition to featuring favorite articles of my favorite Hip Hop artists.

    Kuraudo moderator of

  4. Stephen

    Go BoA!!!so proud of her making it so far already T____T hahaha~

    Give BoA a try peoplez~~and BoA fans, support her!!! =)

  5. Elvira (from Spain)

    WOW! Go BoA GO!

    I\’m so proud too, finally BoA can be recognized around the world! Be happy and Eat the world up BoA!

    From Spain!

  6. Cam

    Please Rap-up stop talking about this no talent kpopper! Her first single has already failed and I don’t expect her other songs to be any better.

  7. Teresi

    I see news on Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, Beyonce, and then you stick this piece of news into the mix! Why? Who is she? I researched her on youtube and…are you kidding!? Can anybody say bubblegum poppish!

  8. Trent

    the song Eat you up is hott

  9. Corina Cudebec

    Thank you for taking that time to publish things about BoA. She has worked REALLY hard to be where she is right now, and I am VERY proud of her.
    I hope that the rest of America will give her a chance like I did 6 years ago. She really is a talented, beautiful, sweet, and wonderful singer.
    BoA is going to eat up America~

    Rockwithme192, moderator of

  10. Silverojo

    Quit hatin’ on BoA! She’s got more talent in her little finger than you haters have in your entire body.

    Just because she’s capable of doing different styles of music (for different countries that WANT those styles of music) doesn’t mean she’s unable to do urban pop. She STARTED OUT as a young hip-hopper, as anyone who KNOWS how to use Google could find out.

    BTW, kinda hard for her single to “flop” when it hasn’t even been released to stores yet…and the promotion hasn’t even started.

    Rap-UP, kudos to you for recognizing BoA’s talent and for supporting her entry into the US market!

  11. Marcos

    Rap-UP, kudos to you for recognizing BoA’s talent and for supporting her entry into the US market! [2]

    she does sings pop songs, but is a huge R&B/Hip-Hop fan..
    it’s just that.. there in Korea/Japan she couldn’t show this side of her..
    but she said plenty of times that she loves this and wants to try!
    please.. stop hating on someone you don’t know..

  12. mr sinkula

    >She STARTED OUT as a young hip-hopper

    Ahhhhh hahahahahaha right.

    Some asian invasion. Have to outsorce their material.

  13. Keala

    Thanx a lot for publishing about BoA.
    She is an incredible singer and dancer, as complete as Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake I think.
    She definitely deserves to be known all over the world. And she works so hard to make it.

    So, support BoA!! She\’s gonna make you dance as ever!! ^_~*

  14. Camy

    ^ You know her fans have to be delusional when they are comparing Boa to Janet Jackson! Seriously!? I’ll tell you what this girl is. She’s a korean Britney Spears clone, nothing more nothing less. Listen to some of her music on youtube and the conclusion is easy. Nothing special, just another of the thousands trying to do cheap pop music. Most of the people replying here are her korean fans because nobody else is paying any attention to her! To one of the replies above, her digital single has totally failed, so what do you think the physical single is going to do, especially now that it has been “delayed”?

  15. Roberta

    For idiots that think shes just another britney spears think again. britney is nothing compared to BoA. i am not one of her korean fans, i just recently found out about her, and she will make it. her digital single made #2 on dance songs on itunes. so if u were smart u know she is going to do awesome. the physical single is going to awesome as well. u just don’t know real music. it’s about time america does.

  16. BuRad

    rap-up, thank you very much for acknowledging BoA`s efforts with breaking into the American music market. i think it`s awesome that shes teaming up with Brian Kennedy, Sean Garrett and Flo Rida! WoW. with that news alone, any artist teamed with them deserves to be mentioned here.
    asians need some sort of musical representation in the US, and i applaud BoA for making all the efforts to do so. there are always gonna be lovers and haters no matter what a person does.

  17. lol

    Roberta: You sound like you’re pretending to be a new fan. It’s pretty sad. I’ve read on Boajjang forums that people are doing that just so it looks like Boa is gaining attention. What a low. I stopped going there because the wacky fans were getting on my nerves.

    Anyway, Tasha (Yoon Mi Rae) is way more talented than Boa and would have a better chance at being successful in the U.S..

  18. HP

    Good luck to Boa. I’m a huge fan of her. Boa is very talented and hard working. I’m happy to see that she’s finally coming out to the world’s stage.

  19. Tina

    Roberta, the only reason why Boa got to #2 on itunes dance charts (as if anyone cares about that) is because her fanloonies bought multiple copies of her song. I saw people talking about buying 3, 4 copies of her song just to boost the sales! How pathetic is that? Well, after a few days, that song dropped so fast, I guess the fans ran out of money. To gage real success for a single, look at the top 100 itunes songs or the hit 100 on billboard magazine. Boa never got close to being on these charts. Please, her single’s not even on any radio station playlists! Why would her physical single do any better than the digital? As an american, I’d rather listen to Britney Spears than Boa, and bet most americans would agree with me!

  20. YooNa

    I ‘m BOA ‘korean fan. so I hope she will success in AMERICA! Although AMERICA is the biggest musical place,I believe she can do!!!
    Because BOA is great artist in KOREA and JAPAN~!!HAHA~ I really really want that she can do!!! as i know english not well, please understand my above statement~.

  21. Denise

    First off stop dissing BoA.I’m not a Korean fan or a new fan.I’m been listening to BoA for 3 yrs already and she is a hella good singer.Her dance moves are hella cool too.What’s with saying all this mean stuff about her?So what if her english isn’t good or all that other stuff?It doesn’t really matter.Her single “Eat You Up” is a very good song.I’m not going to compare her to anyone because BoA is BoA.She has her own talent and everyone knows that.So good luck BoA.Keep supporting her!!!

  22. Tantya

    I’ve been a BoA fan forever!! She’s known everywhere else in the world.. it’s about time she push her way through the western side of the world! I cannot wait for her to dominate US!!!

  23. da0825

    gosh, stop the hating.
    If you hate her, why bother making long comments on something like this. Aren\’t you dedicating too much of your time to someone you hate? That\’s low bro.

    Eat you up is a hot song, and even though i never liked the idea of BoA in US, I will still her support her singles.

  24. mic

    >u just don’t know real music. it’s about time america does.

    Hey idiotic Korean fan, the song was written by westerners, coz you Koreans decided you couldn’t write a global hit, which is true. But the writers gave you a turkey, coz you’re desperate.

  25. Sara

    To begin with, I’m not BoA’s fan, but I’ve seen her work in Japan and she’s awesome.
    Give her a try and if you don’t like her music, you’d better stop wasting your time writing comments about a person you don’t like or insulting people because of what they think.

    Altough I know very little about BoA, I know she’s really talented and hardworking, that’s why she’s famous not only in Korea but also in Japan.

  26. Aleara


    i like Boa
    and her song
    Eat you up! ^^


  27. deriva

    i didnt think much of BoA initial, (since i am a recent kpopp-er only this year), but when i looked up some of her old vids…


    and her songs, i love her japanese songs :D she can really sing, that girl. if you look for her singing videos even when she was training at 12 years old, you can definitely tell she has talent.

    good luck to BoA!

  28. deriva


  29. keke

    it\’s funny how boa\’s fans are like britney\’s fans.

    learn to take in criticism. and there far more talented asian artists than boa, but not promoted as much. sad, these terrible pop idols need to be thrown in the trash.

  30. Isa

    boa go!!
    she is really pretty
    i love her
    the song is good

  31. Meko

    She\’s going to flop. She\’s coming out at the WRONG time of the year. Britney Spears is coming out with Circus and Christina Aguilera is coming out with her Greatest Hits along side with some news songs that were produced by Goldfrapp. Do I even NEED to mention Beyonce? BoA is going to catch a bad case of Beyonceitis. No one survives during the reign of Beyonce… NO ONE. Especially new artists. Nope, they better push it back a year or two because Beyonce tends to stay for a very long time. Plus, Britney is BACK. She\’s healthy and looking better than ever. How the hell is she going to even stand a chance between the three Queens of modern Pop and R&B. No one is going to give her the time of day. Even Rihanna is not going to benefit from this reign of terror.

  32. oceansky09

    i\’m from singapore and i\’m damn proud to say that i\’m a fan of BoA. she\’s great.. she has never stepped a foot into singapore except for once when she came for an award. but i got to noe about her and she\’s the greatest artiste i have ever known. i do not understand korean nor japanese at all but i will cry and feel touched over some of her performances. she\’s a strong singer is expressing her emotions and not much american singers can do that. i agree that there are american singers who are reali great too. i admire them too but the problem is.. Music is a universal language. Why do some of the amercians want to destroy this beautiful language? we\’re jus trying communicate with all of u through music. the ultimate thing is that whether the effort and music of the singer can touch u americans or not. give asians a chance. we asian accepted american music as it is and we give the support as we give to our own why cant all of u do the same? BoA\’s the best is Asia..that makes her good ennough to go to america. She\’s ald the best in the biggest continent in the whole world and she\’s going to make it..not to put down other american singers like beyonce or britney but to stand on the same line as them and make good music.I\’m sure americans and asians music when being put tog..will create an amazing effect. both are strong in their own points if u\’re not biased..and u will have to admit that. support BoA and give her a chance.

  33. rhiana_rocks

    I guess BoA is kind of like Britney Spears..?

    So? What’s wrong with that? They’re both pretty. They’re both popular. So, if anything I’m flattered that you guys compare BoA is Britney Spears.

    I guess BoA’s digital album was not successful?

    So? What’s wrong with that? It’s just a beginning. Someday she’ll be famous as Britney Spears.

    I guess BoA’s English is not that great..?

    So? What’s wrong with that? Your Korean is not that good either.

    Anything else you want to talk about?

  34. killbethy

    If you really hate the girl, why bother talking about her? If you don’t like something, why waste your time and energy on hatred. I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone that “Eat You Up” has not been marketed on the US, and, yes, her production company probably did solely rely on her fans in the beginning to see how the single would do to judge her initial fanbase.

    Whether or not BoA released bubblegum pop in the past is irrelevant now (I admit, some of her old songs make me laugh). But does anyone remember some of the first songs Britney Spears released “Dear Diary”, “Lucky”, “Sometimes”? Now listen to her music, it’s a completely different genre. Compare “Gimme More” or “Womanizer” to “Oops I did it again” and you would think it was a different artist, a different genre. Singers grow older, mature, switch genres, evolve.

    Not to mention that the success of a singer in the US is pretty much solely based on the team behind them (especially in the pop and r&b markets). Do you think Britney, Christina, Beyonce, Rihanna etc. write their own music? No. But they get great song writers and producers to, and that’s what lands them on the top of the charts. Considering that BoA’s production team is taking on the same people that have made other US artists chart-toppers, you can’t rule her out yet. All it takes is one song to launch someone to the top of the music industry (how many people REALLY listened to Katy Perry before “I Kissed A Girl”?)

    Even if you do hate BoA, you are getting new songs from great producers and song-writers. That’s nothing to complain about.

  35. killbethy

    And one last thing… (sorry for double post). The fact that all of these big name producers are willing to even write music for BoA speaks VOLUMES in itself. Do you think ANYONE in the music industry sells a song for it to flop? Absolutely not! A flop can end a career, just like a hit can make one. I\\\’m sure if I went up to Brian Kennedy and offered him more money than he had ever received for a song, he wouldn\\\’t write me one, because if it tanked, that goes on his record. Especially in the case of BoA, even if she fails in the US (which she might, NO ONE KNOWS YET FOR CERTAIN!), she can go back to Asia and still have an extremely successful career. But for the producers and songwriters contributing to her album, if it flops, they don\\\’t have anywhere else to turn to. They are stuck in the US market with a bad rep. The fact that all of these big names are willing to work with BoA shows that even the top ranks of the US music industry are betting that she won\\\’t flop, they are staking their reputations on that. And I, for one, trust their judgment and predictions about BoA\\\’s abilities to do well in the US market a LOT more than I trust my own.

    @mic… OF COURSE the team behind BoA wanted to use Western producers for her songs! Isn\\\’t that the market she is targeting? It has nothing to do with talent or ability; it has EVERYTHING to do with a smart marketing strategy and familiarity with the target demographic. Do you think if Beyonce decided to stop singin in the US and go debut in China that she would use Sean Garrett as a producer? No. Her management team would find someone from China. It\\\’s only natural to work with people who are familiar with the market that the artist has to deal with.

    I\\\’m not an insane BoA fan blindly worshipping her. I\\\’m not even Asian, just a fan of music… regardless of what country it comes from. Yes, I\\\’ve been following her career since her debut in Korea, because I was ASTOUNDED that someone so young was taking on such a huge burden. Then she moved on to Japan and had greater success there. She sold millions of albums and singles with songs in four different languages and was awarded as \\

  36. Danny Truong (kuraudo)

    To killbethy

    Thank you for saying something more accurate about BoA.
    The above post writer isn\’t asian, I\’ve seen her before. But I will tell you that I am Asian, these are only truths.

    BoA is like marshmallow in a pool of hot chocolate artists here. :)
    She pops out, sure but that\’s because she pops out also in her own market back home.

    The reason BoA is featured on RAPUP! magazine is because she has alwasy been a fan of Hip Hop and RNB and integrates this into her style of music, more like how Usher would.
    It is .

    It is not blind fandom when an artist makes 7 consecutive no.1 albums It isn\’t just the music she produces, but also having a clean image while many artists her age have already hit rock bottom , rhymes with Fears? Sure I love that singer too, but we have to learn from people who end up that way. One has to have a clean reputation for a long period of time to to be an ambassador to, when she became ambassador of Health for Korea.
    To conclude blind fandom, surely not every song produced by BoA is A material but I\’m certain out of all the CD\’s I\’ve listened to the proportion of listenable tracks are hits compared to super famous artist that I own with only 3-4 good tracks per album.
    Anyways she\’s hardworking because she has 15 albums in only an 8 year span, not including all of the other collaborated songs she\’s had.

    Please filter out extreme fans and give her out a try without any racism and have an open mind.

    I put up this article in my own words at my site and I was proud of her strides in the American market and the fact she\’s crossing barriers with HIP HOP. I know the fans for BoA haven\’t opened for Hip hop as much and I hope we all can give each other a chance.
    Thank you for reading.

    I love Rap UP magazine!(back to reading about Kanye West)

    Kuraudo Moderator of BoAjjang

  37. Denise

    Thanks to killbethy.That was a long comment but it was good.She is right.Finally someone who is talking sense.Just have to see what happens.Nobody can predict if BoA will fail or not.Who knows?!Yes there are fans that exaggerate but give BoA a chance.Fans are fans.What can you do about it?Everyone has their own favorite singer.Who doesn\’t?

    Support BoA. And good luck!

  38. Duh

    “Do you think ANYONE in the music industry sells a song for it to flop?”

    Uh, as long as they get paid they really won’t care how the song does.

  39. Duh

    lmfao, god these Boa fantards are hilarious. ;D Hope her sex tape with LSM will surface.

  40. Kitty

    Good luck BoA!
    You퀚´re THE BEST!

  41. aki

    you fantards keep referring to her past merits
    but this is her US debut…get the meaning of debut?!
    coming to the US with a fob accent isn\’t going to cut it
    and SM clearly has no clue how to promote
    releasing a song without so much as any promo
    letting it sink to the bottom of the charts
    every b-list event she attends you fans make it seem she made it
    Boa and her management are doing everything backwards, wasting tons of money in the process…look at her scrapped mv
    the reason why she made it in Japan is cos she lived there and immersed herself in the culture and the language but for some unclear reason not so for her big US debut
    GET REAL !!!!

  42. Brittany

    I\’m a huge Boa fan and have been for years now. I\’ll always support her in whatever she does, but I don\’t think that she should debut in America. She\’s an awesome dancer and she has a wonderful voice. But, I don\’t think that she can appeal to the American audience. Even if she fails miserably here, at least she tried. é ‘í¥Ã‚¼Âµí£Ã‚Â£í£Ã‚Â¦BoAí£Ã‚Â¡í£Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã†’í£Ã¢â‚¬Å¡“í¯Ã‚¼Âí¦Ã‚°Â¸é í£Ã‚Â®í¥Ã‚¤Â§í£Ã†’•í£Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚¡í£Ã†’³í£Ã‚Â í£Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‹” í¯Ã‚½Å¾í¯Ã‚¼Â
    í£Ã‚Â¿í£Ã¢â‚¬Å¡“í£Ã‚Âªé—·í£Ã‚â€ží£Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚³í£Ã†’¡í£Ã†’³í£Ã†’Ë” í£Ã‚Â¯í£Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã¢â‚¬Å¾í£Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚í£Ã‚Â¦í¤Ã‚¸â€¹í£Ã‚â€¢í£Ã‚â€ží¯Ã‚¼Â

  43. asdfa

    Jay CHou should be the first to crack us not boa. LMAO cuz boa sux…. while jay chou is god, i guess godz don’t need to be popular everywhere.