New Music: Cassie f/ Diddy – ‘Must Be Love’

Cassie and Diddy

Listen to the full studio version of Cassie’s new “Bad Boy classic joint” entitled “Must Be Love.” The Mario Winans production features Diddy and recalls Bad Boy circa the ’90s. Let’s go!

Cassie f/ Diddy – “Must Be Love”

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  1. mr DHILLON

    this is no bad boy classic-pleaseee!!


  2. Bijan

    I def like it, its not like the repetitive beats on the radio today


  3. Fresh Prince22

    i def like it…better than the other ish she been puttin out.BUT, its doesn’t remind me of the “bad boy sounds of the 90′s”

    Why does does diddy give cassie all the hot beats and lyrics, but gave DK, cherri dennis and Day 26 sh!tty beats/lyrics?…i guaranteed if he gave them better beats their albums won’t flop….too much time invested in cassie and not on the real artists


  4. UNE (305)

    this joint is definitely groovy and will have you moving. but this sounds more like a diddy than a cassie tracks though. like it he took over the whole song and shes only got like little parts here and there.


  5. SMH

    I like it, very 90s! Much better than Official Girl.


  6. dc

    yep this is a good sound. I could imagine a track like this coming out in the late 90′s. Doesn’t really go anywhere tho – a little repetitive.


  7. Vegas

    This song is HOT! I love it!


  8. Lissa 'Monét

    i was skeptical at first but its definitely a 90s bside vibe. chari dennis should have been the top runner for this track though..i love cassie and all, but cheri has that voice…


  9. FrankBlaze

    yeaaaaaa boy, im feelin this right here


  10. Guest

    Great song


  11. mitch ,



  12. Carla

    amazing song!! i love it!!!


  13. Guest

    i like this song


  14. Realz

    Poor Diddy is up to his tricks again.. he thought by dating his artist.. she would sell more records.. like J-Lo.. but.. NO!!.. she got naked.. thought it would sell more records.. but NO!!!.. one of his former artist wrote a book about DIDDY.. called “Dancing With The Devil”.. thats the book you want to read.. Diddy is garbage


  15. ladye

    Diddy you love jlo and no respect for kim well more money more problems cassie watch out u may be hot now but you will be out soon


  16. krazeehotmama

    what happen to day 26 and danity kane????? i only liked one song that they put out and that was showstopping…are whatever! but they need to come on with it?>>>


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