New Music: T.I. f/ Keri Hilson – ‘Got Your Back’

Got Your Back

T.I. toasts to his fiancée Tiny and all the down ass chicks who stick by their man’s side through thick and thin on “Got Your Back,” the radio single from his seventh album King Uncaged (Aug. 17). Keri Hilson provides the hook and Tip harmonizes on the DJ Toomp production.

“[It's] basically just me showing my appreciation to all the ladies who got they man’s back in the world, acknowledging the one who had my back and acknowledging the ones that got they man’s back at the same time,” Clifford explained to Jamie Foxx.

Download: T.I. f/ Keri Hilson – “Got Your Back”

Audio via YouHeardThatNew

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  1. back2basics

    luv it!!!


  2. tay1025

    The KING is BACK!!! Track is Dope even tho I DO NOT LIKE MISS BIRDIE BABII!!!


  3. ouchhh!

    soooooooooooo dope!


  4. yeeeehhh



  5. Giselle

    Go TIP and Keri! I love this! Summer hit :D


  6. will

    This song is going to number one. Keri Hilson on the hook is so dope. T.I. got another bangerrrrrrrr.


  7. Roscoe



  8. ugh

    is it just me or does this song sound like a polyphonic ringtone? Polow really fell off on this one.
    All this new T.I. music hasnt had the same “umph” that his previous singles have had. Its been pretty weak so far…


  9. GangsterA

    Love it but i dont like keri shes kinda overated and walk like she own the place sorry just my opin


  10. queen beyonce

    agree @ GangsterA!!!!!! i’ll go as far has saying i hate keri annoyed shes collabing with T.I. cos i like him! n e wayzzz i won’t deny the song if its good


  11. who's the producer

    Who is the producer now? DJ Toomp or Polow Da Don??


  12. Huh?

    @GangsterA U think Keri Hilson is overated? Really??? No overated is Beyonce, Rihanna. Keri Hilson is by no means overrated after only one CD.





  14. Lil' Nello

    It’s not as hard as the 1st 2 leaks but it’s still pretty dope! A banging radio hit that is sure to top the charts to! Keri was perfect on the hook as well so I don’t understand all the hate for her except that certain fans are to close minded & think if they are fans of certain artists who I wouldn’t name then they can’t be fans of certain other artists too!


  15. Mike

    This is going to be huge! I’m really liking this song.


  16. D

    this is pretty good


  17. aton88

    Hmmmm. People are so receptive to T.I’s mainstream singles and if other rappers attempted to make a song like this they would be labeled a sellout. I miss Trap Muzik T.I…


  18. mmy



  19. diamond

    well the best out of the best back into the game not just saying that but the man is the best he keeps his head up never give up keep on pushing lovein his family at the same time lovein his work and the way he does it. KEEP UR HEAD UP U DA KING $


  20. diamond

    imma hold yah down no matta what word


  21. Fool08

    T.I. is like one of my favorite rappers but im not liking it to me i don’t see anything out of the normal its the same formula 2 me im not hating I just don’t care for it


  22. sandza101

    love the track, absolutely hate keri……. Mr Harris i got your back


  23. Stuyridah

    @sandza101 glad you admit your a hater but in due time you will get over it love tip and keri keep moving cuz the haters never stop


  24. Girl Puhlease!!!!!!!

    how do u hate some1 u dont even know or met *straight face* smfh

    Track is dope


  25. LShea

    @Girl Puhlease!!!!!!! – I’ve been saying that forever. Hatin’s in their blood, I guess. Hate for no good reason. I didn’t like this song at first but considering that its an F-U to haters I like it.


  26. yogabba

    Hate it. Ti hasn’t been the same since his 1st 2 albums.


  27. Jess

    I love this song…I’ve stuck by my man’s side and will ALWAYS have his back! Only 11 more months until he’s home!


  28. ERTHEA



  29. ruru

    l luv u guyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. maria a

    this song is the best i love it!!!!!!!!!:)


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