New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Can’t Be Friends’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz debuts his new single “Can’t Be Friends” from his upcoming album Passion, Pain & Pleasure, dropping September 14. As one of our astute readers pointed out, the soothing ballad samples Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Bibo no Aozora” from the 2006 film Babel.

The ladies’ man shot a video for his current club banger “Bottoms Up” with Nicki Minaj and director Anthony Mandler over the weekend in Miami. He will kick off his tour with Monica and Dondria this Friday in Shreveport, La.

Download: Trey Songz – “Can’t Be Friends”

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  1. Honeyy

    * Is He Seriouss ? Smh . .


  2. humberto

    Samples “Bibo no Aozora” from Babel Soundtrack, interesting touch.


  3. Dillon_68

    Everybody seems to hate this….I personally find it a quality track. It’s smooth.


  4. Raym

    This Is A Great Song. . . Its Mellow


  5. WhatTheF



  6. Jordyn

    No thanks. I see a flop in his future along with Kanye West! #TeamTaylorSwift & #TeamUsherBaby


  7. ertrr

    cool mellow song you guys just only want 2 here sex songs but this shiit is music here it cool and chill you will like it trust me


  8. Mike

    Nice track.


  9. mr

    @jordyn this post is about new trey songz music not kanye west. Take that team taylor crap somewhere else because you are apart of a small percentage who thinks kanye will flop. The rest of us recognize good music and are smart enough to knw that a man who gained 200,00 plus followers on twitter in 24 hours will sell alot of albums sept 14.


  10. TwinnyTwiin

    iLuv it Trey..
    yu killed it agian as usally.
    “can’t be friends” huh???
    yur thee ***GREATEST***


  11. Fool

    i like this song its simple but 2 me its a grower


  12. Jarvis

    its ok but it sounds like it should be an intro or something…


  13. poetikstars

    i like it myself…its smooth…


  14. MB92

    I really like it. the vibe is so calm and chill


  15. jhuntdaprodigy

    @jordyn is an idiot, and songz has went too far left with this album judging by the singles. I mean, Say Ahh was the only single on Ready w/ Crossover success, but still…


  16. Infamous1



  17. Jordyn


    Kiss my light skinned petite ass sir. I don’t give ZERO fucks about what u think. This is a blog and I will continue to share my opinions freely just as u are able to do. Back to what I was saying, Kanye and Trey will flop because they continue to bring nothing new to the table. That is all.


  18. mr

    @jordyn that was disgusting. You are an idiot who knows nothing about good music. Kanye west continues to contribute new things to the industry. Clearly you are a.) nasty because i blew chunks at you very detailed description.b.) poorly informed about music because you ear for music is horrible.c.) just plain stupid to sleep on kanye west musically. Take a seat and watch a vampire flick no one is checking for taylor swift bedtime story music.


  19. Al DeCosey

    Yo! The Trey Songz song uses the same sample that I did for my song “Lonely” the remix featuring Gerrard Baker, it’s on iTunes check it!!! or


  20. nickie

    i don’t knw bou’t yall but when i listened to trey’s album over and over again i fell in love wth it!


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