New Music: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Black and Yellow’

Black and Yellow

Wiz Khalifa makes his major label debut with “Black and Yellow,” the first offering from his 2011 Rostrum Records/Atlantic Records release. The Pittsburgh-based MC made a name for himself on the indie circuit, but has been receiving lots of shine in recent months. Drake even offered him an opening spot on his tour, to which he politely declined. Instead, you can catch him on his own 50-city trek, which kicks off September 16 in Philadelphia.

The 22-year-old puts his Pittsburgh Pirates pride on display on “Black and Yellow.” Listen below.

Download: Wiz Khalifa f/ J.A.E. – “Black and Yellow”

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  1. Sly B.

    hmm… idk, might be one of those jams you have to listen to more than once to start liking it.


  2. B.R

    I like it. Its dope And his flow was different.



  3. RhetoricJams

    IDK what anyone could say – Wiz KILLED this shit.


  4. yeahyeah

    I think people should listen to his earlier mixtapes to appreciate him because his mixtapes are what made him big with his fans. I’ve been listening to him since early 06 and I’ve been disappointed with him. If there is one mixtape you should listen to him, that would be “Flight School.” My personal favorite.


  5. yeahyeah

    Opps, “I’ve NOT been disappointed…”


  6. Trey

    its aiight for a 1st listen! nonetheless, dope. it gotta grow on me 2 LOVE it.


  7. mike_maze

    this is just another great hit… everytime wiz does a joint its always taylored. you can say what ever you want about him changing his style or dissaponting but the fact of the matter is his style is so versitile he can do just about anything. and black and yellow is deffinently a radio friendly song…but at the same time it is so taylored and true to his roots….listen to the lyrics black and yellow…pitsburg steelers black/yellow unies
    pitsburg pirates black/yellow unies
    his challe(dodge challenger) black and yellow
    his zig zag man chains one black and one yellow
    its all real music…u cant help but appreciate this if you are a true taylor>>


  8. Mugen

    Tight Shit Bro….Keep doin ya thang…Imma catch u and Spitta….Huh Yall up there but ill catch you bro!!!!Indeed….Kite Gang


  9. blizak

    This is sum half assed shit compared to previous stuff he put out


  10. cubevision

    taylor gang or eat a chicken raw


    zsakea Reply:

    love that song babe


  11. listen

    it’s cool…but it’s not strong enough to be the first offering from the upcoming album. i just saw a “day in the life of wiz” video recently and it really got me interested in seeing what he would do next. this song is not going to get a lot of spins, which he will need in order to breakthrough the market and establish himself if he’s looking to sell records and have a real chance at a career. he’s in the major leagues now…not the mixtape league.


  12. bass_man

    eh. ditto @blizak


  13. Mr.OnThePlane

    Wow… i never knew there were so many haters on the web!!! but anyways… Wiz and the Gang are sloly but surely creeping to the top!!!


  14. graveytrain

    i been fuckin wit wiz since flight school so im not just comparin this 2 kush & oj but i agree wit wat “listen” said this is just not a strong enough single it seems like he was tryna really hit it big on the charts wit this 1 & besides the fact that its just really not that great of a song its perfect 4 radio play which is why it still mite do ok on the charts if they decide 2 really push it… all in all tho i feel like this isnt really the wiz that alot of us have grown 2 know & luv & i hope that the album is better than the single
    but make no mistake its still Taylor Gang or Die!!!


  15. Jeryme Kyle

    Hell yeah, I CANT WAIT !!


  16. yung wiz

    diz shitt iz fukn cold, wiz u did it again bro. taylor gang or fukn drown


  17. Chris Shorts

    its kool never been crazy for him but this has caught my attention, i like this flo reminds me of cudi i like it , keep it up @chris_shorts


  18. Rondo Redwood

    aye my man WIZ be going on some real shit though!!


  19. the diz

    who so-ever doubts this hit isn’t gettin it. he always tryin to put pit on the map. this track is sooo strong for that fact alone. catchy hook, sick beat, smooth flow with perfect timing. take it for what it’s worth y’all. wiz is here to stay in the game and the only direction is up yo! taylor made taylor gang taylor swang bitches!


  20. streetfamilyboss

    my nikkuh go hard as all wayz – no homo


  21. LUis

    Taylor Gang or listen to 50 cent!


  22. jusamufcknkid

    wiz did it again, ya dug? PGH TGOD


  23. Stats

    everyone keeps saying that his earlier shit is better and way harder than his recent shit…. okay obviously hes going to make a variety of music cuz if he makes the same shit over and over agian he gonna become a predictabble artist… come on think about it. Wiz Khalifa I Love Your Music :)


  24. Stats

    P.s. Planes over everything, in the fly we trust.


  25. LGiZzLe

    Not really feeling the beat but hey Wiz had some good lines. Hopefully he does his thang on the album coming out the cause KuShxOj was the shit. Flight school 2, but that mixtape with Curren$y ohhh man.


  26. jordan

    whats dat? dats khalifa man soarin up the charts with this shit


  27. Shannae

    It sounds like it has some parts of the beat from Letting Go Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj in it.


  28. tiffizyy

    his songs is DOPE. gimme the album already XD
    i love his songs. most legit you’ll ever hear.


  29. shay

    Kush & Orange juice B the cOmpOnents :D


  30. PghJays

    Black n yellow = good 2nd major label single….Wasnt Say Yeah his 1st major label single with Warner Bros??? Still dont compare to his hardest song…What it used to be, off Nicolays CD a while back. I ALWAYS KEEP ONE ROLLED…………


  31. goonbug

    wat a laim do the whole northside a favor kill ur self plez blac n gold u aint from here cameron im nt hiding behind a computer my name iz midnite n****zkno me and wat im bout ur raise shud hav swallowed wat waste hoodtown coward


  32. GOTTI



  33. dame it feels good

    wiz khailfa is the truth noone on his level of rap this album going to be greatest album ever wiz is hip hop


  34. lil polo

    tht nigga suxs eminem is a whole lot better rapper then him and eminem is tht greaest rapper alive today


  35. babymegg

    you aint seirously? wtf nigga you cant compare wiz to eminem. eminem has been in the game alot longer than wiz and firstly wiz aint even tryna say he’s better he is just doin his own thing. so why would yu even come up here and say eminem is betta… damn haters.

    and quit hatin on this song y’all. yu cant expect wiz tu make tha same dam music with tha same dam beats on every album. this song is a risk sure, but he is droppin it becos it is goin to appeal to the materialistic people who only like music about money and fast cars. this is a radio jam to get hiz name owt there. he’s gonna get alot more fans is he releases this and he will have a variety of fans.. and soon he will b takin over tha game.. (in my opinion anyway). if he drops this reccord he has more of a chance of getting noticed by radios etc. and soon white ppl will b luvin him. he isnt a different person just cos of 1 damn song.
    & btw, wiz and cudi are so unique they dnt sound anithin lyk eachother dammmnn.

    taylor gang or f**k susan boyle


  36. beano

    i used to like wiz khalifa…but his new shit is awful.

    Im tired of rims, bitches, money n RAIN MAN.
    I was dissapointed to hear his FIRST single on mainstream industry owned of course, tv n radio to be about a car….comon wiz…own yourself.

    Ill stick to my uncorrupted artist over at Slaughterhouse and my artists. I don’t need my music influences to be reppin’ baphomet or the eye of providence all over their videos. Tired of it.

    Do your thing Wiz, I hope it last for you.


  37. phill

    pretty good song bii make more and see whats going on and see whos wins


  38. Antwan Shipes

    Hello.This article was really interesting, particularly since I was investigating for thoughts on this issue last Thursday.


  39. carrie underwood

    i like your music p.s i is in love with black and yellow and purple and yellow and green and yellow too p.s right back soon


    carrie underwood Reply:

    i am in love with your music me and my sister is too play it when we get home ok wiz khalifa after we get from washington high school please


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