New Music: Shakira f/ Dizzee Rascal – ‘Loca’

Sale El Sol

September just got a lil’ bit crazy. Shakira, who’s following up her 2009 English album She Wolf with the bilingual Sale El Sol, has simultaneously released English and Spanish versions of the effort’s first single “Loca,” with U.K. grime rapper Dizzee Rascal spitting alongside the international superstar on the song’s English edition.

The horn-soaked track, a remake of El Cata’s merengue hit “Loca Con Su Tiguere,” is a spicy Latin-influenced confection, with Shakira seductively singing, “I’m crazy but you like it!” on the chorus.

The song’s debut coincides with the release of her album cover, which shows the Latina hottie laying in the sand with clumps of Silly Bandz on her wrists. “Just finished the new album cover. What do you think? Recién terminada la portada del álbum, ¿les gusta?” she wrote on her Facebook page.

The album, which collaborator Rico Love revealed as having a more “pop, edgy” sound than its predecessor, also features production from Jim Jonsin, who previously spoke to about her work ethic. “She’s a boss. She definitely knows what she wants and she’s not gonna settle for anything less. She’s a strong-willed woman,” he stated.

Sale El Sol is due in stores October 19.

Download: Shakira f/ Dizzee Rascal – “Loca” [English Version]

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  1. Nicole

    love it. Love Shakira, but i prefer the Spanish Verizon maybe the English version will grown on me


  2. krista richards

    this is a great song shakira has great talent and english version b****


  3. NEILL

    i love baby


  4. Ghetto Fab

    HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT! La Reina Shakira is back baby. She sounds so sexy on this. I’m sure she’s going to be shaking her hips to this in the video.


  5. Lauren

    I hate Shakira but I love love love Dizzee!


  6. Tony

    I like!!!!


  7. dann

    At first I didn’t like it
    but after hearing it a few times it grew on me.
    it’s quiet BRILLIANT and the lyrics are WICKED.!!!


  8. bass_man

    the beat is soaked in ocean water and covered in sand, it just makes me feel so summery while i’m here studying chemistry. i know i’ll probably like the spanish version more though. good single, shakira!





  10. MaZ

    Love it! I prefer the spanish version!


  11. Edward

    is amazing…………shakira is brillant


  12. From Tokyo

    I like Shakira very much but it seems to be all over the place. I would like to let it grow on me but I think I’d like to hear the Spanish version. I look forward to the video.


  13. marcio

    world hit!!!!! another!!! i she’s the best since when she sang only in spanish!!!


  14. Hellyeah

    I love both Dizzee and Shakira, great duo


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