New Music: Bow Wow f/ Chris Brown – ‘Ain’t Thinking ’Bout You’

Bow Wow and Chris Brown

Bow Wow puts his spin on Chris Brown and Tyga’s mixtape cut “Ain’t Thinking ’Bout You,” adding additional verses to the original which first appeared on the Fan of a Fan mixtape. With watery synths and crisp finger-snaps, the Cash Money signee drops rhymes about how many girls he can fit in his Lambo and popping unlimited bottles on his black AmEx tab. Become a member of this boys’ club by listening below.

Bow Wow f/ Chris Brown – “Ain’t Thinking ’Bout You”

Audio via dajaz1

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  1. Tracie

    HOT…can’t wait for the video! Gonna vote it on 106 n Park for sure!


  2. kemah

    this isnt new but ok… cant wait till the video


  3. JuLien

    Not Young Money but Cash Money :)


  4. CB

    did u not read what they wrote or listen to the song? bow wow added another verse. smh @ this fool


  5. Makisha Timothy

    Damn, this was, hands down, top 3 songs on the mixtape. I’m rocking with this mix though. Anything Chris B is popin and BoW added only made this perfect!


  6. Chris Shorts

    this is old well i guess becuz i have the mixtape one o my favorite songs on their to


  7. New Music: Bow Wow f/ Chris Brown – ‘Ain’t Thinking ’Bout You’

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  8. YoMommaMan

    i actually like the mixtape version better


  9. ok

    This is cool. I liked the original better, though. Where’s the damn video already lol. I been waiting…


  10. Paige

    i like this version too… can’t wait for the video either!!!! put it out already(:


  11. let's be real

    It’s not old. Some of you are so slow. Same people wondering why Bow Wow calls it his song.

    NEWSFLASH Bow Wow redid it, he added a verse. The blog said that. Bow Wow AND Chris Brown said it on the “Making of Ain’t Thinking About You” video.

    It’s a NEW single, and I like it. Bow Wow’s new verse is good and it’s a little faster so it can be a better single then the original would have been. Can’t wait for the video!


  12. julien

    he really didn’t need to add new verses cuz da song was good without all dat…he actually made it that less good…still like the song tho
    *waits for G.O.O.D Friday*


  13. Mr Xclusive


    its his single idiot


  14. Antonios World

    LOL! This A Hit


  15. JhuntdaProdigy

    Prefer the mixtape version undoubtedly, but if this were to magically become a #1 hit I’m all for it, more power to them both


  16. julien

    @Mr Xclusive

    Regardless if it’s his or not, he made the song less appealing…it made a poor decision to make a song a single if it appeared on someone else’s mixtape and not his…..#FAIL


  17. yeah I said it

    The original was so much better!!! All the background chatter sounds muffled, doesn’t have the smooth transition it had, and doesn’t sound complete…but I love them both & look forward to watching them continue making hits.


  18. JAYLA



  19. Justin Jameson

    The original version, as Chris’ song was better. It kind of sucks now.

    I dug the idea of them showing true male expression of guys being both regretful and accepting of their relationships being over and partying it up as a means of distraction. But this just seems unnecessarily angry and trite now, which kind of sucks, because the song was pretty smooth before.

    Oh well. Was looking forward to the video, but it’s whatever now. They can keep this one. I just don’t see the point in the song anymore. It kind of makes no sense and the lyrics just come off really immature now.


  20. dem'j

    sad but im wonderin when will hiphop come outta dis lame music mane.. we make bettr music duwn here in SriLanka… im not against da new wave an im not againts chris’s singing o bows rappin.. but den again still room for improvement….


  21. call me

    love it


  22. dem'j

    can i!!
    i mean call ya


  23. shamarr

    cool song bow wow you back !


  24. Keesha

    I don’t like this. Bow Wow talks to much in the background. The original>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this. And Chris changed his verse a little bit. Why did he do that? :(


  25. V

    Shoulda left the original alone…


  26. Ed70709

    Sik can’t wait…wen is it iTunes?…


  27. Jelani

    okok its cool. just as cool as the original


  28. ayeee

    this version is hammm, they sped up chris’ chorus & singing way too fast.

    shoulda kept the original!


  29. bowWowFAN4LIFE



  30. tasha

    wow my babi bow wow video gonna be hot and he teamed up wit chris brown


  31. AdotC

    i love nob


  32. bowlove

    bow wow & bowlove
    to love to die


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