New Music: Chris Brown – ‘Boing’

Chris Brown

Having already unleashed the Kevin McCall-assisted “Between the Lines,” Chris Brown goes “Boing” on the latest cut liberated from his upcoming DJ Drama-hosted mixtape In My Zone 2, arriving on Black Friday. On the synth-laced track, the “bedroom bully” croons about his sex game, singing risqué lyrics like, “I love it when you give me some/ Let’s switch it, let me do it instead.” Spring for the steamy song below.

Chris Brown – “Boing”

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  1. LOUD

    BOING right away from this song… WTF is this!?


  2. Fabz

    “hahahaha BOING”<<< lol


  3. chrisbrownfrance

    I love this song can’t wait till nov 26 for the whole mixtape


  4. Rebecca

    Just saying with his past he could have picked a better nickname then “Bedroom Bully”. Song is so so nothing 10 other R&B singers aren’t saying.


  5. Miss A



  6. WTF!!!



  7. Killed IT



  8. ocho

    Chris is so CORNY now.


  9. Az-ddin Chaknat

    Chris Breezy His The Best R&B


  10. See right through you

    Can Rihanna’s fan club get out of the comment section!! One person’s name is even Loud! Sad ppl!


  11. Adam

    ^^ haha lool !

    i like this


  12. jonNbk

    yasss cAN’T wAIT for IMZ2 n CB bout to SHUT UP all the Rihtard HATERS!!!! Feel Free.. continue to Hate!


  13. Nick

    Why is he still lowering himself to mixtapes? He needs to focus on his ALBUM and SINGLE.


  14. MusicMusic01

    man, In My Zone 2 is going to be like another slew of sex songs…i’ll check out the mixtape but im tired of hearing about sex all of the time, I thought he might’ve changed it up a bit. Oh well, we’ll see.


  15. Tasha

    How many times is he going to sing about sex? Seriously.


  16. Nait Phoenix

    I’m not feeling this as much, but it’s okay filler. Hopefully there’s a “Deuces” or “No B******t” on that mixtape, though!


  17. Dillon_68

    This is DOPE! Wow. Are yall deaf? Why the hate? Stans are so lame, just appreciate the music instead of taking sides.


  18. AnnkA

    it’s going to be a HIT!!! ….. on the Bubbling Under Charts of course!
    #Flop #HasBeen


  19. melody

    This is hot. I love it.Way to go Chris this is what we been waiting for your true fans.


  20. tehe!

    the beat is insane!


  21. jrellamiller

    go chris breezy


  22. ida

    he’s never talked about sex as much…it seems to me he’s trying to be trey, and only trey can do a song about sex properly…sorry



  23. erica gurl

    @jonNbk…he’s going to shut up rihanna stans….with a mixtape..r u serious????

    u do know that artists get NOTHING from mixtapes…tsk tsk…its funny how all his stans think that everyone that doesnt feel the song is a rihanna fan

    still bitter….


  24. jj


    the beat is dope…like most of the beats from imz…but lyrically its a bit sleazy and not really sexy…then again im a guy so…..


  25. chrbreezyfan

    Seriously the song is Great – Breezy & Kmac can’t be stopped #inmyzone2 will be Dope!!! #BlackFriday


  26. Sam

    This is good. These haters are pathetic.


  27. ...

    I like the song, @ Nick, I guess, Drake, Lil Wayne, and others are trying to be like Trey also when it comes down to sex. It can easily be said Trey is trying to be like R. Kelly, anything to hate. Why do you and the rest of the RiRi stans keep looking him up, yall are some pathetic human beings. Yet yall claim to be tired of him, but can’t stop looking him up, you ought to be tired of being broke, everybody knows hating has no type of benefits.


  28. RAHJA

    DOPE, DOPE, DOPE record!


  29. Bkp Brown

    WOW some people need to chill acting as if chris was writing this song for them and were dissapppointed about it. ffs its a mixtape!!! a fcking MIXTAPE!!!

    Boing Bitches !!!!!


  30. Kay

    In his first, second and third album.. there might be one or two songs pertaining to sex. So people seriously need to shut the fuck up and get their facts straight. If that’s what he wants to make his MIXTAPES about then let him be. Yes, he should be working on his F.A.M.E album instead, but he wanted to give his fans something in the meanwhile. The man is trying, and he’s getting places. So hate all you want, ’cause regardless he’s at the top. Far more ahead than you’ll ever be.


  31. America's Sweetheart

    No, I’m not bitter @ erica gurl, you and the rest of these haters are bitter. The mixtape is for his fans, and maybe it’s something he likes to do. Any type of music he puts out, you people are going to hate it, once again, who is bitter, so don’t speak for me, I don’t think that if some doesn’t feel his song, they are RiRi fans, I look at it like this, you all are just some haters who looks up this guy every chance you get just to hate, so who is bitter? I’m feeling the song though, keep pushing forward Chris.


  32. Rihanna Baby



  33. 619production

    Im likin this dope beat indeed


  34. tara

    i’m in love with this song can’t wait for the mixtape#2!! GOD Chris is just to good!!! anyone who doesn’t like it are haters!! smh! don’t listen if you are a hater!! if you have problem with sex don’t listen!! thats all i have to say!! Chris the song is soooo great i just love it!! love you Chris!!


  35. dboy

    BOING… lol this nikka a fool with this one, I Fux with it


  36. MUSIC DAZZLE » || New Music: Chris Brown – 'Boing'

    [...] || New Music: Chris Brown – 'Boing' [...]

  37. tiffany

    rihanna’s fan talk but the “loud” album is the worst i’ve ever seen
    people work with her just for money

    nobody care aut her
    nicki minaj featuring with rihanna is the worst she did
    this album is shit, nothing original, …

    as rihanna…………….


  38. YeezyFan

    its aight but tha boing sound is bulllsht


  39. stupid song

    This song is stupid and please whoever said is the king of Rnb is as dumb as this song…this guy is slacking bigtime..Talent lost.


  40. Chris Brown – “Boing” « therealSharnell x DMV = GREATNESS

    [...] arriving on Black Friday. On the synth-laced track, the “bedroom bully” croons about his sex game, singing risqué lyrics like, “I love it when you give me some/ Let’s switch it, let me do it [...]

  41. Aw man!

    I like this song, funny that you have these haters saying his career is over, he is a flop, and now, a stuoid song. Man I tell you, if he is all this, why do you people keep wasting your time looking him up, no he is not slacking, dude is talented. I agree with @ america’s sweetheart, anything he puts out, you people are going to hate. I wish you people will find another hobby, I say hobby because you all are not getting paid to hate, I think you all are just begging for attention.


  42. Lovely

    I’m a huqe chris brown fan && i must say this sonq was just okay. && for all the rihanna die hard fans that look up chris browns music just to compare it to rihanna’s yu quys really need to STOP. Rihanna is not all that, yes she has catchy sonqs but she’s not that qreat of a vocalist (as yu heard from above). Most people only feel bad for her because she qot beat up && thats not a reason to put someone on a pedestal….Point is stop comparinq the two, they’re two different artist. Chris brown will come back hard aqain, trust ;)


  43. on the real

    I’m not a fan of either Chris Brown or Rihanna, I mainly read about the different artists on Rap Up, but don’t post anything. I can say on a fact base, @ Lovely, I agree with what you are saying, say what you want, it’s funny what DV will do for your career, it really helped hers, and slowed his. Like I said, I’m not a fan of either, but on the real, I can’t hate on CB, dude is talented, he can sing, act, dance, he can put on a performance and before the DV issue, he was at the top of his game dude was everywhere. Rihanna’s stans know this, that’s why they continue to hate on him and others such as CiCi, Keri Hilson, Lady GaGa, and anytime you call 10 year old Willow Smith, names and talk bad about her because she didn’t mention RiRi’s name in an interview and or has her own style, it’s really pathetic. If the DV thing never would have happened, wonder how it would be, I think we all know the answer to this, that’s why her stans are going to continue to look him up and hate.


  44. Crystal`Dawn

    iReally <3 Thss' sonqq,
    –he really gave idd tuu 'em thss' timee :))


  45. king

    fuk all u rihanna haters cause she was all better than chris but i like both of dem get rihanna album loud and buy chris album fame when it come out and fuk that bitch gaga and keri


  46. erica gurl

    so just like his stans showed up above ^^^^^giving an opinion or not liking the song makes me a “hater” and a “rihanna stan”…i like chris’ music but when a song sounds like crap to me i say it…smh


  47. olay

    @tiffany…if u thought respelling ur name would change the fact that ur still the same Rih hater ur mistaken honey… ur mad that people STILL want to work with her, and that b.s. you said about her fans saying its the “worst” is a lie to try to make herr look bad…do yourself a favor and go buy grafitti

    i like both of them EQUALLY but chris’ fans just piss me off sometimes with their hypocrisy…i feel bad that his fans act the way they do because he isn’t as bitter about the situation as they are.

    @on the real…and chris’s fans do THE SAME EXACT THING…SO IT GOES BOTH WAYS


  48. dollars$$$

    If Chris hans pisses you off, why do you constantly look him up, everything @ lovely and on the real said is true. Not only do, yes, you rihanna stans come on this post, but other posts on Rap Up and hate on other artisits for no reason, but his fans are hypocrites, ain’t that calling the kettle black. @ king, you are a pathetic little boy, anytime you call a 10 year old little girl a bitch, is beyond me. All this is stupid, but her stans come over here and on other sistes and do the samething, it’s old and it’s stupid


  49. mimi

    I like this song. It maybe both sides, but to be honest, you find her stans doing it more. I was on Keri Hilson’s post about her album cover, alot of the hate was from her (RiRi) stans, you see alot of it on Ciara’s also. All these people are talented, if you don’t like them fine, but all this hate is ridiculous and it’s childish. @ king, you are a lost soul, get help.


  50. Shay Baybeeh

    I Love Dhis Song .! Keep It Up .. (My Hubby) C.B .*


  51. tiffany


    chris brown kill them all he’s the best artist

    he will for ever be the best

    he’s the king

    and everybody know it


  52. love45

    not bad chris. props


  53. val

    I’m listening to this with my headphones and this is amazing. Oh my GOD can this man get any sexier. This is so hypnotic.I going to make sweet sounds with my boyfriend to this. Hot,Hot,Hot.


  54. joey

    Its all good ALL the CB Haters yall just making this one of the most read stories right now #4 Keep it coming haters cuz at the end of the day Yall gonna look real fake for even listening to someone yall hate music.


  55. Kourtney B

    I love Chris!!! Im so happy his career his looking up again rihanna try to bring my man down make him seem like the bad guy!!! Fuk her Chris…I’ll hold u down bae!! muah lol


  56. olay


    if u knew how to read properly i said that I LIKE THEM BOTH…the reason I come on his posts is because i like his music, i just DONT LIKE HIS STANS…SO GET THAT STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH!




    on this whole rihanna vs. chris brown topic, i dont want to get into like that, but it does go both ways…neither side is right because both stans can be haters at the same time. like that kourtney girl up above ^^^^ who blames rihanna for chris browns career decline #FAIL and @king, who needs psychological help sometimes with his comments toward other artists #FAIL, even though it appears that cb’s stans are bit crazier to me, both sides need to SHUT UP!!!


  58. king

    fuk u to u are jus mad that rihanna fukin hat and chris and keri is not and fuk all u haters lol


  59. click

    rihanna trups boing out, pls let hm be,chris kindly engage in an album abt her if u want 2.whtz up u guys.


  60. Tymia

    ily u chris ur da best…and ur hott




    CONGRATULATIONS! you just made my point!


  62. dude

    I don’t think CB fans are bitter, they are just tired of the hateful remarks. It’s obvious that alot of Rihanna stans look him up only to hate no matter what he does or what he says, they are going to hate. @ king for example. I am a fan of CB’s and I am not bitter, i do think alot of people post just to be hateful and cruel. I have mad respect for dude, it seems as though people really want him to fail, but he is keeping on, no matter what. I do feel that it is wrong for alot of haters/Rihanna stans wants to play God over his life and career, they really need to be careful in trying to do so. I’ve always been told, if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. His fans know 10 times out of 10, these haters look him up with intentions of posting hateful remarks.


  63. Asa

    its a iight record. it reminds me of some song tho. just cnt put my name on it.


  64. chris

    Why is it that you guys cant just post your oppinions without making hateful comments about people while trying to bring up the artist you love.

    ps, the song is boring and been done too many times now. pls try something new.


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