Video: Diddy-Dirty Money – ‘Coming Home’


Diddy does some soul searching in the desert in the Rich Lee-directed video for “Coming Home,” the Alex Da Kid-produced single off Diddy-Dirty Money’s star-studded album Last Train to Paris (Dec. 14). Wandering through the arid landscape, Puff happens upon the remnants of a burned house and the shell of an old car, with Dawn and Kalenna trailing behind him. The trio reunites in the end, zipping away in a helicopter.

Kalenna told how the triumphant track came into the group’s hands. “One day Puff walked in and he was like, ‘I got something for you guys. I got a gift that’s crazy. Oh my God.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, right,’” she said. “And he put it on and he was just like, ‘You think we can get it done tonight?’ It was a gift. It was like unwrapping a gift that was dropped in our lap.”

Celebrate their homecoming below.

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  1. JP

    ‘Sweden was here first ^* like´the song its great!


  2. Lild

    Y isnt Skylar Grey in this video? And does anyone else think that Kalenna looks bad with that hair?


  3. HaredCarter

    Why the camera always focused on flux’s face?
    I know Neon ‘s hair is awesome , lol.
    Anw, nice simple video, great song :)


  4. Alicia

    I think Kalenna looks bad period. She’s the bootleg version of Dawn, IMO.


  5. meme

    Dawn and Kaleena looks effin hot. I love Dirty Money….all of their tracks release have been great. I just dont think people is into Diddy anymore.


  6. YEAH

    who wrote this Diddy? Kanye West looking video. smh Diddy go find u a lil bow wow or something because nobody is feelin this.


  7. Sean

    Dawn booty was looking juicy in this video. I still think Dawn and Kalenna dont shine enough for this album; especially if its been said that Dawn and Kalenna are going solo. Diddy should be having the ladies leading in the songs or atleast one, but his ego wont let the girls shine.


  8. Meme

    @HaredCarter I think you got it twisted Neon is Dawn & Flux is Kalenna.

    I liked the video, but it wasnt what I was expecting… I really wanted more from the girls.


  9. jhuntdaprodigy

    ….Diddy should’ve let J. Cole have this song. Diddy’s version is alright, but he ain’t have no kinda swag or flow on this joint, this ain’t the type of songs meant for him. The video is alright, it feels very anti-climatic though, it’s just them walking through a dessert the whole video. Dawn looked hot in this video, and Kaleena is a butterface, cause she got a nice body, booty, and all that, but her face busted. I’d have to hit it from the back or something…


  10. M!ke

    kinda underwhelming to me


  11. bijan

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen Kaleena look pretty
    I liked it overall


  12. HaredCarter

    @meme kalenna is the one with the mohawk-like style right?

    And i thought that Cole wrote this song for dirty money.


  13. Sean

    Damn, Dawn looks awesome. Kaleena looks good too, but she’s just outshadowed by Dawn. Great song and great video


  14. LovelyBones

    Why is Diddy still wearing a bottom grill? They still do that?


  15. Dave

    Dirty Money >>>>>>>> Diddy. I love their songs though, can’t WAIT to get the album :D. I’m so geeked.


  16. Meme

    @HaredCarter Yeah, that’s Kalenna!!

    I dont know if I misinterpreted you statement, cause now Im confusing myself. *looks lost*


  17. Shady

    I like Cole/Hayley´s version way more..


  18. Barbie

    Hmmm they girls are not shining enough..Its sad


  19. janet

    i MEan the track and melody s are great but he’s just makes the song suck his voice and delivery is just not good!


  20. jeremydante

    dawn looks great; kaleen & diddy look a bit off to me. like their style is forced.


  21. HaredCarter

    @meme lol, it’s okay.
    But really, the camera focuses on kalenna ‘s face more than dawn .


  22. Celestine a.k.a SOLID C of HOT 98.3 FM, Abuja Nigeria

    Well, as for me, I’m loving the song like hell! The video is simply awesome! Simple and breath-taking! I’m an On-air Personality with a radio station in Nigeria and I play the song everyday, once I’m on air. The listeners are also loving it and they keep calling for my colleagues and I to spin it over and over again. It’s an award deserving song and I think the delivery of the chorus by Skylar Grey just melts my heart! I’ll score the song and video 9 0ver 10! Yes boss!


  23. midwestfiyah

    I think that Kalenna chick can kick rocks and Dawn can do it solo, Dawn has and always will be beautiful and can hold a note. Diddy is sounding really desperate and depressed in his new tracks, idk….. as for Skylar Grey, she needs more credit for her beautiful voice and for the fact that SHE is who writes the lyrics, not DM…….


  24. midwestfiyah

    Yea and why isnt Skylar in the video?…… Also, Kalenna is FUGLY wit that hair, and fugly nehow, I say we keep Dawn n boot Kalwookie haha


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