Dawn and Kalenna Call Diddy-Dirty Money’s ‘Coming Home’ a ‘Gift’

Diddy-Dirty Money

Diddy-Dirty Money has been in the studio for the past few years perfecting their oft-delayed album Last Train to Paris. After releasing “Hello Good Morning” and the Drake-assisted “Loving You No More,” Diddy, Dawn, and Kalenna are especially excited about their latest single, “Coming Home.”

Two-thirds of the trio spoke to Rap-Up.com about how the triumphant tune came to be. “We had been writing for a hundred, million years, trying to figure it out,” joked Kalenna. “One day Puff walked in and he was like, ‘I got something for you guys. I got a gift that’s crazy. Oh my God.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, right.’ And he put it on and he was just like, ‘You think we can get it done tonight?’ It was a gift. It was like unwrapping a gift that was dropped in our lap.”

Jay-Z co-wrote the Alex Da Kid production, which also features vocals from Alex’s Wonderland Music artist Skylar Grey. “Jay-Z produced it with Alex Da Kid, so he did grace us with some of his pen,” added Dawn. “But that’s a collaborative effort with Puff and I think it’s a blessing when you have somebody like Jay and Alex Da Kid to want to give that to our project because honestly those are people who don’t have to. It means they do it out of the passion and love for things that we’re doing.”

A video is already in the works. “We’re in the gym right now,” said Kalenna. “We’re getting right, we’re getting tight.”

Last Train to Paris pulls into stores December 14 featuring appearances from Grace Jones, Usher, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, and more.

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  1. Dave

    YASSSSSSSSSSSS, I can’t wait for this album! But, damn they released like 20 thousand singles. “Angles”, “Love Come Down”, “Hello Good Morning”, “Hello Good Morning (Remix)”, “Shades” (Unofficial single, probably not a single), “Love Come Down”, & now “Coming Home”? Shoot.. what’s gone be left for the album, an intro & outro?, lol


  2. brian B...

    But they don’t even sing on the song… Or did I miss something? Maybe that’s why they are calling it a gift cause they get to look pretty behind a song they don’t even sing on


  3. AnnkA

    Flop Daddy & his backup singers should just give up already! SMH


  4. Sensible One

    Dawn and Kalenna do sing on “I’m Coming Home”. They sing the chorus. To the person who called Diddy a flop, you obviously are not aware of his track record. All of HIS albums have gone platinum except the last one and I think it sold between 700,000 and 900,000. If that’s what you consider a “flop” then a majority of artists today are flopping. I’m so excited about this album. I’ve been waiting forever but I think it’s going to be worth the wait. Dirty Money have released alot of singles but they said in an interview that they had recorded over 60 songs. I think LTTP is going to be a double-cd album so the fact that they have released so many singles probably won’t matter. BTW, the “Shades” song was leaked. Dirty Money didn’t release it. Last Train to Paris in stores December 14th.


  5. Rebecca

    Ok I just find it odd that back in the days of Danity Kane people all thought Aubrey was the person on Diddys well lol Diddy. But all those chicks were cut loss and Dawn remains hmm interesting. Honestly no disrespect to Diddy he promotes him and gets his but these ladies have to know that he will drop them too as soon as he gets tired of them.


  6. Sensible One

    @Rebecca- I hope that if you ever get a promotion on your job your co-workers don’t assume it’s because you were on the boss’ “well lol”. Why is it that people assume a female has to be sleeping with her boss if she gets a come-up? it’s especially sad when other females are the ones making the assumptions. Dawn is a gifted artist. She sings, writes, and arranges music. She’s an amazing dancer and she also draws anime. Have you ever considered that while Dawn was in Danity Kane that maybe she was the first in the studio and the last to leave and her dedication was noticed and rewarded?

    It’s no secret that 3 are going to go their separate ways after this album. Diddy, Dawn and Kalenna have all stated repeatedly that Dirty Money is a 1-time thing. Dawn and Kalenna are going to release solo albums after DM is done.

    I agree with you that Diddy is the king of self-promotion but Dawn and Kalenna are getting some shine by merely being involved with Dirty Money. Dawn has done more touring with DM than she ever did with DK. Dawn and Kalenna are getting exposure that they otherwise probably wouldn’t have gotten. Call it what you want but I guarantee there are thousands of up-and-coming, struggling artists that would sign away their firstborn for this opportunity Dawn and Kalenna have.


  7. From Tokyo

    “Why is it that people assume a female has to be sleeping with her boss if she gets a come-up? it’s especially sad when other females are the ones making the assumptions.”

    Thank you. Truly you are sensible in this!


  8. Still?

    First off, I am excited for LTTP now and I can’t stand Puff! But I can’t deny all that I have heard so far is good quality music. But maybe its’ because I’m a music fan, not an artist stan–so I guess that’s why I’m different. lol

    Secondly, is this 2008? Are we really still tripping on that Danity Kane mess? bwahaha…(sorry, I couldn’t resist)

    And are people STILL really trying to figure out why Dawn was chosen to stay with Puff? The chick is talented and was definitely grinding her behind off while in DK, as seen on the tv show. *shrugs* Groups break up and someone goes on to do other things ALL the time, why is it a big deal in this case? Oh, because it was on tv and we got to see it, that makes sense. *blank stare* The girl is working hard to make her dreams come true, what’s wrong with that? Maybe she would be respected more if she WAS like Aubrey and demeaning herself and the female gender by showing her a$$ for cash and attention. If she was stripping her way to success, would it be better received????

    Why not congratulate a woman that is working hard and using her talent to succeed? As women, we have got to do better! smh…


  9. Music Fan 103

    If you can’t relate to this song, that means you haven’t lived enough! I support Diddy-Dirty Money for their undeniable talent in MUSIC!… Not who each person is… I’m coppin the album fasho!


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