New Music: Keri Hilson f/ Chris Brown – ‘One Night Stand’

Keri Hilson and Chris Brown

Keri Hilson begs for another night on “One Night Stand,” a provocative slow jam featuring Chris Brown. Miss Keri takes first verse duties as she alluringly coaxes her man into coming over for a second rendezvous, harmonizing with Breezy on the rich chorus before he sings about kissing his girl “from your head to your feet” and treating her like a princess.

“If TLC and Jodeci did a record together, ‘One Night Stand’ is what I imagine it would sound like,” the R&B hottie told Rap-Up TV of the suggestive song, which appears on her sophomore album No Boys Allowed. “It’s a perfect marriage.”

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  1. YEAH

    Trey Songz would’ve sounded better, but it’s an ok song.

    The album is….good!! A must buy, not for me though. I’m a Rih Bey Xtina fan. :)


  2. Kate

    sounds o.k., not amazing but still good. It will grow on me though :)


  3. YEAH

    LOL @ the pic of Chris. What is that you have on chris? LOL


  4. Teyona

    I agree Trey Songz would have been amazing on this song :) Chris is great though, but I still prefer Trey.

    The song is ok, I’m not into Keri Hilson vocal range, its very limited, but I must say it has improved a lot since she first started :).

    The song is very nice and smooth but forgettable :( I’m guessing it will also grow on me too, hopefully :)


  5. Jon

    I didn’t feel the TLC and Jodeci references, it sounded like any other rnb song


  6. T-T

    wtf r yall talkin bout Trey woulda sounded better??? TREY? his NON SINGIN ass cnt hold a candle 2 Chris’ Beautiful voice!…neway thiz song is everything & Keri was so rite tht those harmonies r on ponit!


  7. antonio



  8. Kai


    you mean Chris’ beautiful AUTOTUNED voice lmao


  9. tell'em

    Song isn’t as strong as she made it out to be. Its okay tho.

    @Kai, T-T is obviously hearing impaired. God bless their heart for stannin’ tho..

    Dancing, Chris > Trey. Singing, Trey >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chris..


  10. ZANIA



  11. Paige

    i like the song and idk why people think that Trey’s voice is all that good cause’ it aint!!!!


  12. ughreally

    This song is amazing. The hook is so hypnotizing and Chris Brown’s vocals are on point!!! It does sound like a Jodeci type of song!


  13. ughreally

    ^ Chris is only “autotuned” on the hook and that’s the Jodeci effect. On their hooks their hamony was multiplied with autotunes. Check out songs like “Fiendin” and Kci and JoJo “crazy”


  14. Jason

    When did Trey become some grand vocalist that you’d rather have him on the track over Chris? Just admit you dislike Chris because if you wanted a spectacular vocalist you’d want someone with a massive voice like R.Kelly over Chris and not Trey songs! Some of you are so transparent.


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  16. Yezzir

    Keri’s album leaked but im still buying its so damn good. I love this song.


  17. Fire Flame

    Keri got so many hits on this album its way better than Rihannas LOUD album the production is top notch and her voice sounds absolutely amazing. This should definately be Keri’s breakthrough album hands down.


  18. Drinks on Me

    @Fire Flame yeah i agree No Boys Allowed shits on both LOUD and Basic Instinct its easily the best female R&B album of 2010. i dare anyone to say different.


  19. tyler

    Rihanna has some Great potential hits and so does keri hilson. they BOTH stepped their game up on these alums. keri next single needs to be lose control. i hope she gets at least 2 or 3 more singles

    i see lose control, one night stand, all they boys, and gimme what i want as potential hits.

    can’t wait for the deluxe tracks


  20. Mr Xclusive

    wtf are yall on? Trey’s voice compared to Chris’s is sh*t ….damn yall speaking nonsense


  21. MTLGUY



  22. Mr Xclusive

    @Drinks on Me Loud is better


  23. music guru

    Breakthrough album??? Pssst smh


  24. davyd69

    Wonderful song :D i will buy her new album for sure !!! on december 21


  25. EnMiZonaBreezy

    #1 I agree with Jason on dis right here. Trey Songz can not sing because he is to into trying to sin g like R-Kelly which he cant do. Chris Brown is da best male for dis part besides Tank

    #2 Da Song Is Fresh

    #3 Who da heck and why da HECK did yall bring up Rhianna again. This Song has Nothing to Do with her. This song is with Chris Brown and Keri Hilson not Chris Brown and Rhianna…Soo there is no reason for yall to bring her up.
    #4 Yall can say what yall wnat but always knw that Chris Brown talent in undeniable talent..and watever yall say #TeamBreezy Got Chris Brown back anyway
    Can i get a #TeamBreezy on dat
    follower ya girl on twitter @EnMiZonaBreezy


  26. antonio

    i will be getting this on december 21, she will also be performin for da last 30 min on 106 & park tuesday


  27. Top Notch

    Keri has done it again the album is the shit Lose Control, Gimme What I Want and One Night Stand need to be singles. Great Album


  28. sashaj

    it is a great album! only song i dont really like is the one with Ross although he has a good verse


  29. YEAH

    the album is not better than LOUD but NBA doesn’t suck! it’s definitely worth the money though, but definitely not better than LOUD


  30. Shelia

    Let go ask prince if flooooop songz can sing …. b*tches plz I would take chris over flop any day. Great song btw


  31. queensize

    I like. This joint needs to be remixed with Father MC’s One Night Stand and knock the competition out. I like Keri.


  32. bknyhustle

    damn but Tank would be awesome on this shit. anyways chris stil be on point too.


  33. Reda

    gr8 song…Breezy’s voice is amazing ♥♥♥


  34. king

    dis album is shit and she is goin to flop big time rihanna album loud is way better and have more hits on it and go buy loud it is the best album ever


  35. tiffany


    the chris brown’”s voice is waouwwwww

    they are trrue friends in life and in work, faithful to each other
    and at the end, it give that …….
    a sweet rnb song

    no boys allowed in stores the 12.21 meeen!!!


  36. Rap*

    LOL@ Chris Browns baby breathy voice being better than Trey. NEVER…Chris still sounds like 17
    They both not thatr great singers anyways

    Good song


  37. Ernest Onion

    How about a remix feat. the original two with Trey, Usher, Beyonce and Janet Jackson?………..


  38. Ernest Onion

    no no no, Trey, Usher, Beyonce and Ciara


  39. CHASE HILSON (Keri Hilson FANATIC!)

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! KERI!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRIS!!!!!!!!! UGH!


  40. treyvone

    Yo im seriously gonna cop dis album on tuesday.


  41. thabiso(south africa)

    All chris B haters should go to hell!!. I agree with Jason when did Trey become a grand vocalist? And why is RiRI being included on this conversation? It means that Riri’s fans are still holding grudges against CB. Riri’s fanz plzz move on, after all u r breaking down your superstar frm peace to peace when u always include her in CB’s business. After all its a great album,superb!


  42. I GO HAM

    why does it sound like chris is tired i jus think itz gonna get half a mill views on youtube n be over n a month


  43. Nuff Said

    No Boys Allowed and LOUD have the exact same ratings so how u gonna say LOUD is better? Rihanna did not write not even one song on LOUD, Keri is credited for writing 5 songs on No Boys Allowed, rihanna can continue to be a puppet. And its a fact that the production on Keri’s album is way better, This has more hits than In a Perfect World had. Pretty Girl Rock is making its way into the Top 20 on Hot 100 and people said Keri couldnt get a hit by herself, well shes proving yall haters wrong. Thats all i have to say.


  44. Keesha

    @Jason I totally agree with you. It’s sad that people don’t even know what talent is anymore, especially when they think that a man that sounds like a goat when he sings is more talented than Chris Brown. Heck, even Eminem can sing better than Trey Songz.


  45. LaDarius

    I can’t wait to get the album. Every song I have heard from it so far has sounded good. I really hope she releases Lose Control as a single, that’s the sh.t !!


  46. romeo

    i hate when people try to compare trey song to chris if he is da good why they dont invited him to preformen at the grammy or other shows like mva awards,because the reason chris no preformen in those shows is because for rhianna situation so get a life,chris is icon.


  47. Fan Ov A Fan

    hmm… i like both singers but i dont like this song :/



  48. Will

    Im tired of Keri Hilson not getting the recognition she deserves everybody always fkn hates on her but yet shes killin these other r&b female cats with her albums smh. This song is super dope and if people dont realize that u need to get your ears checked asap. “No Boys Allowed” is the best female r&b album of this year i dont care what anyone says name another female r&b album that came out this year thats better? There isnt one!


  49. chris

    Why cant people stop comparing artists its stupid. they all have different sounds and qualities just like them for what makes them special


  50. joshua

    @Drinks on Me

    umm…i’ll argue that…LOUD IS BETTER PRODUCTION AND VOCALS THAN NBA IN MY OPINION…nba is good, but loud features every possible genre and every possible lyrical style you could ask for and critics agree

    @nuff said…too bad your opinion doesnt matter since your a clear rihanna hater, but last time i checked an artist didnt have to write their music to be a RECORDING ARTISTS, some of the greats didnt write dhere own music so keep your shade to your self

    as this song goes, I LOOOOOVE IT (TREY probably could’ve done better, emphasis on probably)



    chris brown kilt it and i luv him so much and no i luv trey to death but he cud not have dun it betta than chris so stop comparin them


  52. earl

    the reason chris is on is because he co-wrote it. keri said lets leave him on the track, so apparently he was on the demo.

    this kid can write! good for him. the money is in writing songs. keri is a good writer too!


  53. king

    look Nuff Said u is jus a rihanna hater rihanna have way more money and done way more thing than keri


  54. Drinks On me

    @Joshua Im not a Rihanna hater at all im just saying she couldnt write a song to save her life, Keri is way more musically talent than Rihanna and thats a fact. and LOUD is definately not better production wise.


  55. Music is Life

    This song is dope as fuc omg. Keri Hilson + Chris Brown on a track = Hit record. There voices mesh so well together this has to be the best song on Keri’s CD ive had this on repeat more than 10 times already.


  56. carlos

    basic instinct is much better in my opinion but anwayzzz not into keri’s album that much it does howver have some catchy songs and thats all


  57. kia 'barbz' minaj

    December 21…I want da official copy thanks…


  58. Nyisha

    I wasn’t thinking about buying this album because the singles are weak in my opinion and this reinforced what i thought about the album. I hope she can spell flop because she is going to be all to familiar with the term after this album is released.


  59. Chase

    @Carlos – YOUR OUT OF YOUR MIND!! Thinking “Basic Instinct” is actually worth something CERTIFIED FLOP. Keri on the other hand… 1) Catchy Songs (Gr8 Beats) 2) ACTUALLY can sing 3) Sexy! NO BOYS ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!


  60. caroline

    I like this song and will definitely get Keri’s album when it is released. Chris sounded amazing.


  61. damnshe flyy

    this song is hot! trey’s voice is teed; chris sounds great on here.



  62. Jamee

    sounds more like swv and dru hill


  63. You be Killin em

    @ Carlos If you think Basic Flop is better than “No Boys Allowed” u seriously dont know what good music is. Keri’s album shits on ciaras album without a doubt. Oh and by the way ciaras low pathetic numbers are coming back wednesday get ready to be really disapointed lmao.


  64. nicci

    yo thiz iz the jam….breezy doin his thing..but tank would`ve threw some curves on the song :D


  65. Deeefabolous

    By the title of thee song and the duo with Chris, i would have though that this will be crazy but its not. I mean its not disapointing though, its kinda good but its not THAT hot.


  66. @poohzizbigga

    who the hell have yall been listening to??? cuz it aint cb if u think trey songz goat yoddling ass sounds better…that is pure fuckery!!! lol chris brown shits on trey..that nigga cant even dance on top of having that goat like virbrato! stop fooling yourselve! song is DOPE tho i see you keri.


  67. alaina

    Keri Hilson On The Rihanna Type Swagg .


  68. NoH8

    Sooo the only person that sounds “right” on this song IS Chris Brown caz that’s tha only person we’ve heard sing it. 2 diff singers, 2 diff singin styles. I can do without Trey songs’ repeated “aww baby…yuup…etc etc..”!! Love him, but Chris did this!! It’s a BANGER !! Get that album, go head Kerry baby. I c u Chris ;) lmao @ Trey songz ” goat yodeling ” comment !



    Now i just about adore trey songz but i do agree his voice wouldnt have suited this track as much as chris brow’s – and yes it may have been auto tuned but there is only so much u can do with it so there had to be some singing voice some where
    As for the best album situation i don’t think this is good enough to be classed as best album – but their are a couple of great songs with this album along with cici and miss umbrella album.
    All have step their game up for there latest album with keri – this album is more like something u play in your house or car even though its good but not that good . the others are more club bangers especially here in Europe.
    But with the right publicity she could make this particular song into a respectable hit single.


  70. tynae

    well i LOVE tha song and yes yes they both sound nice( HOT 1 )…chris brown is who is singin on tha track sooooooo get over it trey songz sorry not thiz time TRY AGAIN it is wat it is !!!!!!!!Chris breezy BACK BABE…………………..or should i say HE never left I LOVE GOOD MUSIC


  71. valancia

    i love this song they both sound qreat nd(chris brown look hottttt)


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