Beyoncé Surprises Harlem Students with Dance Workout


It was an otherwise uneventful Tuesday at P.S. 161 middle school in Harlem when Beyoncé stormed through the door and surprised students by teaching them the moves from her “Move Your Body” video. As part of the “Let’s Move! Flash Workout” campaign to help curb childhood obesity, the blonde superstar appeared in the gym much to the delight of her young fans, who danced alongside her and took photos.

While Bey was in Harlem, First Lady Michelle Obama was in Washington, D.C., learning how to do The Dougie, Running Man, and Cha Cha with students. She only had good things to say about the “Run the World” singer and their partnership to promote exercise.

“Beyoncé is one of my favorite performers on the planet. And when she agreed to remake her video and do this ‘Let’s Move’ flash workout, I was so excited, because this is what we’ve been talking about—that exercise and moving can be fun,” said Mrs. Obama. “It’s about dancing, it’s about moving.”

Watch Beyoncé and the First Lady get down in the videos below.

[Videos via Hot 97 and ABC News]

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  1. RAH RAH

    Michelle Obama was gettin’ it!! Love it


  2. KEKE

    Fake like her fake skin colour.


    Bianca Reply:

    @KEKE, take this exit out —-> k? thanks.


    Alisha Reply:

    @KEKE, wannabe white lol


  3. Yeah

    she so cute :)


  4. jeremydante

    michelle obama is cool as fuck. the obama’s are the illest first family in history, without a doubt.


    Arniece Ibezim Reply:

    @jeremydante, u seem reel cool and real bout all your comments! U TELL THE TRUTH I TOTALLY AGREE ON WAT U SAID ABOUT THE OBAMA FAMILY LOLZ!


  5. SwagBlondé



  6. Mya

    Just Beautiful!


  7. Latroy Watson

    Im in such Awe’ moment right now. The both of them Michelle Obama & Beyonce are talented beautiful for coming up with this idea. I hope it is instilled in every school’s gym class as a workout before they partake in their activities. =) Great Job Ladies!


  8. Bianca

    This is beyond cuteeee! Michelle Obama is awesome and she picked the perfect pop star to assist her w/ this campaign. Wave the American flagggg.


  9. sagb

    rap up i thing something is wrong with your site or something cus everytime i visit the website i get the old news from days ago


  10. brian b...

    If only I was a student in that school, I would’ve told her she has a single out… I don’t think she knows lol


    oh please Reply:

    @brian b…, I KNNNOWWWWWWWWWWW LMAO ,no damn promo lol


    olly Reply:

    @brian b…, looooooooooooooolll, be patient the promo starts next week


    mofan95 Reply:

    @brian b…, I was thinking the same thing lol


  11. fab

    why this girl is so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is just ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Beacon

    I still stand by my comments on the video about the conspiracy…are curves and thickness chopped liver now? Those who were previously proud of them are losing ‘em now.

    Just remember = “living healthier” is just a nice-sounding word for selling out.

    Shoutout to all my BEAUTIFUL THICK LADIES who are PROUD OF WHO THEY ARE…y’all are the last of a dying breed.


    olly Reply:


    having curves and being obese are two seperate things. women naturally carry more weight on their lower half and hips, this gives then a curvaseous figure. Carrying extra weight everywhere is just unhealthy and that is what they are trying to get rid of. On top of that alot of women deemed as curvy are actually very tonned and so, its a reflection of their physical fitness


    Eliana Reply:

    @olly, Just beause your overweight doesn’t mean ur obese. i mean people that can’t even walk you can say ok his obese but just because ur 20 pounds hevier damm ur obese. its wrong.


    maya Reply:

    @Beacon, ya fat bitter ass, go sit down!


  13. Andarieg0

    AHHH I go to college up the hill, if I had known B was there I would’ve snuck in!!!


  14. Phoenix_Wright

    awwwww! @ beyonce

    & get it michelle!


  15. A RihYonce' Stan, lol.

    I fuckin love her, =);

    She looks so flawless, and I love her hair…


  16. aa

    Her happiness >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  17. JwalksOnwater



  18. beys fomer stan





  19. Eliana

    Beyonce she is so talented. doesn’t lose it over the years. not like other artit that can’t even sing live or dance CoughCough[rihanna,katy perry,britney spears]
    they are all talented it but lose it over a year


  20. queenb

    Awww she’s having so much fun. Lucky kids!


  21. maya

    aw that was so nice of Bey. I would shit my pants if she danced next to me lmao


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