New Music: Rihanna f/ Flo Rida – ‘Diamonds (Remix)’

Diamonds (Remix)

Flo Rida shares his love for Rihanna once again by remixing her latest single “Diamonds.” The hitmaking rapper gets his shine on by adding a verse to the beginning of the song.

“I’m looking for a girl to wear these princess cuts/ International so she already know what’s up,” raps Flo.

This is not the first time he has recorded his own remixes to Rihanna’s hits. He previously remixed “We Found Love,” “Where Have You Been,” and even penned a song named after the pop star.

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  1. TheHonestyHour



  2. Matheus



  3. Fan or Stan

    Well i guess making they song called “Rihanna” worked flo rida. But im still mad at rihanna for letting that girl on youtube in the wedding dress out sing her on her own song in that video. This remix is ok, but rihanna is acting like something is wrong with her.





  5. tee

    Fan for stan shut the fuck up


  6. zack

    Unofficial. He’s obsessed with her.

    Fan or Stan does need to shut the hell up.


  7. Thecool

    Dammit Flo Rida, stay the f**k away.


  8. Neysie

    he is soooo obsessed with her smh


  9. Nice Try

    i clicked the song and it didnt even play thats how much Flo Rida prob fu*ked it up.


  10. bibi93

    Link dead…


  11. Tuesdyo Boomz

    Nice remix, damn he may be so obsessed with her MAYbe he want to date her since he like her Music


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