New Music: Dawn Richard – ‘Whiteout’ EP


Light the fire and pour the eggnog. Dawn Richard sets the sexy mood for Christmas with her unconventional holiday EP Whiteout, which includes four new tracks and a remix of her 2011 single “December Sky.”

“This is strictly for the Die Hearts out there,” said the former Dirty Money member, who will release her full-length debut GoldenHeart on January 15. “The focus is on the album, but we wanted to do something special for the movement that has been following us for a while.”

If you have Spotify, you can stream the EP below and purchase it on iTunes.

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  1. Kim is Queen. End.

    Done Flopped. :D


    Paul Reply:

    @Kim is Queen. End., what are you talking about! It’s a Christmas EP how can that flop it’s not meant to do numbers idiot. It’s just music for the holidays. And it’s actually incredible!


    Davis Reply:

    @Kim is Queen. End., im convinced the word flop is a word just to be said by immature haters. I mean. You can get the largest check as an artist and some hater will come and say you’re a flop. I mean dawn pus out music often an she has no label to take that money. So hmmmm her pockets may not feel like a flop.. Oh and she writes all her music so that’s publishing saw well right? Oh ok. The end. Your fav couldn’t write one song let alone a mix tape and two EPs and an Album on the way all in one year! Get yo life


    Esh Reply:

    @Davis, lol omg you slayed that chick lmao but yes Dawn is amazing in every way possible!!


  2. squenix

    lol without fail haters are the first to open they dam mouth! any bitch ass who’s name is “kim is queen. end” has no weight in their words gtfo! love the EP.


    Heart nation Reply:

    @squenix, exactly!! Like this is visionary type music. Like dawn is creating her own lane! This is a sound and she is doing it brilliantly. Honestly this reminds me of Quincy and MJ. Her and drew musically are reinventing the sound of music.


  3. Bankvsminaj

    This is like mind blowing music. I can’t describe this! You have to give it to dawn. No one is doing this! This is like a musical score for winter! It sounds like winter. Ou can picture it with her lyrics but its like different the cliche Christmas albums. This is dope


  4. Bostinmass

    Wow! I love this. This is great from my Xmas collection.


  5. TreysAngel

    I really had to listen to this over and over. Wow. Dawn can be an icon. She is pushing the boundaries of r&b. for real. Just wow


    Beyness Reply:

    @TreysAngel, I agree 100% She’s in the making to be a true legend. She has completely changed the definition of R&B and has put such an intricate and interesting twist on it. Her music, visuals, lyrics, etc can All stand alone yet is able to so craftily come together like a beautifully written Book.


  6. Heartattack music

    Slayyyyy these people Dawn! Modern day Sade in the making. Say what you want. Dawn is. Musical genius!


  7. Minajallday

    I love this woman! This is such an amazing EP!


  8. HeartsHeaux

    Dawn is beastin’ on deez wack jacks! I LOOOOOVE And the bells, that song got that bassline for yo assssssszzzzz! Lol!


  9. followalejandro

    dawn does #heartmusic, she doesn’t know hate or haters for that matter. knock’em dead Our Dawn Ent!


    Minajallday Reply:

    @followalejandro, I completely agree!!! There is no such thing as hate with dawn. Just great and greater!! She doesn’t have bad music!


  10. bijan

    dawn = truth


  11. Josephtalks

    This EP is Grammy worthy. Honestly all Dawns work is. She honestly is one of the best


  12. Warren

    have heard two tracks, love it as all her music.

    And we cant call this r%b anymore.

    r&b is one specific sound. This is something totally different.


  13. @KingCoward

    ^The vocals are still R&B though.

    LOVE this whole EP. “And The Bells”….like, WHAT? Who does this? Hahaha. Its so dark, and gangsta. Completely not what I was expecting in a Christmas EP. Slayed.


  14. Asa

    Loved it. Dawn is the real deal.


  15. FTAB

    Dawn continues to be the TRUTH. This Whiteout EP is refreshing she is killing the itunes charts so I guess its not a flop lol


  16. Jump pout itr



  17. clayallday

    There are no words to describe Dawn. If more artist would not define themselves in this industry we would finally have great music again.


  18. aissajez

    impressed…this EP is awesome..the music the lyrics and the new RnB style makes it a awesome…keep up …yes this is a real artist


  19. evr

    Dawn is truly amazing


  20. From Tokyo

    I never like/really noticed her until she struck out on her own. I very much like what she’s done with her work this year. To her I would say, “Keep up the hard work. Better to make your own path than to follow someone else’s.”


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