Video: Pitbull f/ Christina Aguilera – ‘Feel This Moment’

Pitbull and Christina Aguilera

Pitbull and Christina Aguilera toast to the good life in the triumphant video for “Feel This Moment,” their hit collaboration off Pit’s seventh album Global Warming. Mr. Worldwide reflects on his journey to the top, performing shows across the globe, while the pop diva looks gorgeous as she vamps for the camera in the black-and-white clip. Dale!

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  1. Pitbull fan

    Pitbull did it again..He is so talented. Christina didn’t have a hit since 2006, he is saving another career.


    Sleazy Reply:

    @Pitbull fan, christina takes lengthy breaks so I’m not surprise! But she YOUR BODY was ww hit and a moderate hit in the states! No shade to pitbull he can’t sell a album to save his life so his saving no ones career Hers can be saved if she lift her ass up and do something


    TIFFANY Reply:

    @Pitbull fan, CHRISTINA CAN GET IT


    Dave Reply:

    @Pitbull fan, Bye. She’s had over 50 million albums sold, and 100 million in her career. She’s a legend. Her last hit was Your Boddy, top 40 with NO Promo. Before that Moves like Jagger w/ Maroon 5. Before that, Not Myself Tonight, another top 40. Before that “Keeps Gettin’ Better”, top 10 hit at #7 on Hot 100, off a GREATEST hits album. Al this was after 2006. Have several seats. When you gone do it? Never.


    Natasha Reply:

    @Dave, lol you need to calm down a little. First It’s 50 million albums, not 100. Second is body, not boddy. Third, Moves Like Jagger is not her song. Fourth, it’s not THAT big of an accomplishment to have a song at #7 on the Billboard hot 100 (P!nk had two number ones and Britney had one.) I’m not saying I’m gonna do all of this but you just need to chill. The fact that you feel so defensive shows how dumb you are.


    Jade Reply:

    @Pitbull fan, But Pitball is shit.


  2. Sleazy

    Her voice on this track yesssss >>>>>>>


  3. WonderLand19

    Its a sad day when Pitbull is more revelent than Xtina. Remember back in the day when Xtina was the ‘It’ girl….. now she’s thanking her lucky stars Pitbull put her on his track.

    Hopefully Xtina can go back to her roots, let go of the ego, does less screaming and makes a good album. She has an amazing talent. She shouldn’t be this desperate for a hit.


  4. Ursula

    Pitbull has no talent. The end.


  5. Rmz

    All his songs sound the same…


  6. Musiclv

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  7. Brandon

    One of my favorite work out songs. Ok Video. Fits the song. Pitbull doesn’t do elaborate videos.


  8. fonkyfresh

    pitbull needs to go back to his roots in music–


  9. JoJo

    this song actually has a great beat to it, and Xtina made it better…. its the features that Pitbull uses that make his songs blow up.. not him as an artist. Ne Yo, Lil Jon, Chris Brown..and Now Christina Aguilera… they are what make his single go to the top.


  10. TOAH

    Lmao, his biggest hits didn’t have any features…I know you want me (calle ocho) and hotel room service.


  11. whitechocolate

    i’d take that voice at any shape or size but she lost weight and looks good. still snatching these little girl’s wigs with her vocals but nothing has really changed in that area. lol


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