Video: Jaden Smith – ‘Shakespeare’

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith waxes poetic in the artistic video for “Shakespeare,” a track that he released in August. The 14-year-old rhymes about his plans to win a Grammy (“I’ll never have a plan B”), his flashy style (zebra print), and jet-setting across the globe as he stands in front of a wall of photos and flashing LED screens.

“And I’m sorry you ain’t here/ Reincarnation of Shakespeare/ Just a few little things that I wanted to make clear ’cause I’m right at the top and I’m planning to stay here,” raps Jaden, who released his mixtape The Cool Cafe last year.

Watch the MSFT tackle “Shakespeare” in the clip below.

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  1. Bobs

    STOP POSTING THIS CRAPP!!! Ain’t no one care.


  2. viki

    i’ll be happy when he turns 20 and is making music that rocks.


  3. Realistically

    It’s hard for me to respect those who “started at the top.” He’s a cool kid, just saying.


  4. Ya Fav 1ne

    MSFTS NATION!!!!!!!


  5. jbozie

    i like it! :-D


  6. Kaml

    Kid is nice.


  7. Kurt

    Nigga go sleep, your music is wack
    Go to school


  8. fonkyfresh

    he can flow…. sorry bout it better than a lot of rappers that are out now


  9. Kyle

    For a 14-year old, he has a sick flow. If he keeps it up I can see him making major moves when he at least becomes legal but it’ll be hard for most people to take him seriously until then.


  10. E53

    He’s so boring.


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