Video: Miguel f/ Kendrick Lamar – ‘How Many Drinks?’

Kendrick Lamar and Miguel

Miguel connects with Kendrick Lamar in the live performance video for the remix to “How Many Drinks?” After giving us a behind-the-scenes look, the R&B crooner rolls out the full video.

He performs against a red backdrop and gets a hand from some sexy ladies on background vocals. K-Dot, clad in an L.A. Kings jersey and patterned shirt and shorts, even gets on the mic and pretends to sing Miguel’s parts.

“I’m super excited about this video because I haven’t seen a live performance like we’ve done in a really long time,” said Miguel. “It was really important to capture the artistry and the performance, and almost elevate the integrity and the artistry of the song because it’s a pretty straightforward record.”

The song is the third single off Miguel’s sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream.


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  1. Kate

    Miguel is gay. Love his music real R&B


    janair Reply:

    @Kate, aaand u sayin he gay why?? he has a girlfriend, ya bish. *kendrick lamar voice*


    Sharlyn Reply:

    @Kate, he’s been dating his girlfriend for 7 years so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Great music, amazing singer.


    Frankie Reply:

    @Sharlyn, LOL, yeah, gay guys never try to use a woman as their cover. Fuck outta here.


    poe Reply:

    @Sharlyn, ANYBODY can say out of their mouth that they’ve been dating someone for 7 years


    Donny Reply:

    @poe, yeah but havin pics from 7 years ago cuddling together puts the case to rest. Do your research


    Valerie Reply:

    @Donny, exactly! someone with sense. my thought is why add any of that to the comment anyway “Love his music real R&B” would have been sufficient, none of that other shit has anything to do with the music or the video.


    Ursula Reply:

    @Kate, Kate, go stuff something in your mouth. Preferably something long and hard.


  2. janair

    lol looks like they had fun makin this video. i love it. love both of them.


  3. LOLatHaters

    Love this!


  4. Kenneth

    Nice song. Adding Kendrick Lamar to it only makes it better.


  5. lala

    summer time is here! anthem!


  6. Kate

    Video is fucking awsome but i hate kendricks voice but love his music. Miguel please dont make pop music only R&B !!!


  7. Donny

    Best song on the album.. DOPE


    Well alright Reply:

    Some sexy ish loving the style


    Wow Reply:

    @Donny, this is the best song on the album???? I guess but to me there are too many gems to decide. Dope track though. I feel like Kendrick wasn’t needed. The song was perfect without him.


    Donny Reply:

    @Wow, agreed !!


  8. Zac

    great song, video is great too. miguel has done wonders for r&b

    and why are people even talking about his sexuality here? how does it matter whether he fucks guys or girls? if it matters to you, when he doesn’t even know you exist, you have problems and need to get a life cos you’re just sad


  9. PrinceJawsh



  10. music26

    this reminds of a old school prince video


    777 Reply:

    @music26, omg yessss this is amazing. new fan!


  11. wizdom972

    Can’t lie.
    R&B still alive thru Miguel.
    We need to stop compare artist with old artist.
    This is Miguel Jontel, nothing else.
    Gay or not, He got an unique talent that allow him to be a legend.


  12. AAA

    This is dope


  13. Jess

    Cool video, next single should be “The Thrill.” Def my favorite song on the album after “Adorn” & “Do You?”


  14. Will

    Great video and track! Idk what his sexuality has to with the music or the video though people just love to negative about something it’s rather sad!


  15. mon88

    miguel be jammin
    i have both his albums


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  18. lily

    only like Kendrick’s verse Miguel musics are so boring


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