New Music: Jason Derulo f/ 2 Chainz – ‘Talk Dirty’

Talk Dirty

Jason Derulo kept it safe and sweet with his dance-pop single “The Other Side,” dedicated to his girlfriend Jordin Sparks, but he shows a more scandalous side on the funky follow-up “Talk Dirty,” produced by Wallpaper.’s Ricky Reed.

On the horn-heavy jam, the Miami singer boasts about getting “lipstick stamps on his passport” and ménage à trois, while 2 Chainz delivers a raunchy verse.

“I’m really excited about the single. It has a feature and I’ve never done that before,” said Jason. “It’s just a shocking song. When you hear it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. People will be thinking, ‘Hmm, really?!’ It’s very out there, but it was so fun.”

The video will premiere in early August, while his third album Tattoos is due September 24.


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  1. StephNL

    Different Sound For Him But I Like This


    Rasheed Reply:

    This song is gud…hes mkn music for black ppl yes lol…i dont mind him with his pop dance stuff but i need some rnb songs with gud production this is a step toward tht…thamks derulo…fan from day 1…i wud lk a clean verse of this but i lk where hes going.


  2. Zave

    Now this!!!! Sheesh hot! Finally some good radio friendly songs and not that BS beat em down Brown been releasing!


  3. KanyeIsGod

    This beat’s fucking crazy!!! 2CHAINZ!!!


  4. chris

    really am not feeling this track.


    Sushi Reply:

    @chris, You must be white


    from france! Reply:


    why you live in America bitch??

    ohhhh but the song is awful so if you say she must be white bc she knows that song is an epic fail, so yu recognize that white people have better taste in music…



  5. mumi

    Ok so now we use Balkan music for success. Fucc of with that.


  6. Israel

    You liked this beat ?
    you know where its from .. its been token from
    Balkan Beat Box, is an American-Israeli musical group./

    the song name – balkan beat box – hermetico




  7. Brian

    After Usher best male artist in these days for me! he brings always fresh records


  8. Symphonic love

    This track is fucking hot hope the video kill everything


  9. dJInVincible74

    I usually only like his Electro singles but this is fresh and funky! A certified S-M-A-S-H!


  10. oren






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