Video: Jay Sean f/ Rick Ross – ‘Mars’

Jay Sean

On the eve of his album release, Jay Sean teleports to the Red Planet in the video for “Mars” featuring Rick Ross. The Cash Money crooner finds the girl of his dreams and makes love to her in the red hills, showing off his toned body in the process. But after three-and-a-half minutes of exploration, his fantasy comes to an end and he finds himself back on earth.

In addition to Rozay, Jay’s fourth album Neon features the single “Where You Are,” plus appearances from Busta Rhymes and Ace Hood (stream it here).

Travel to a planet far, far away with Jay Sean.

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  1. justjoshua11

    Jay Sean is BACK?! Ok this is actually a dope video “Mars” @justjoshua11 #MondayMars


  2. The Shady Truth

    Reminds me of RiRi’s “Only Girl (in the world)” mv! Love the song!!


  3. a

    Am sorry to say but cash money and young money only care for artist such as nicki and drake they always do promo whenever they have a song or a new album comes out whereas jay sean album coming out next month and I haven’t seen no promo or heard any of his song in the radio or charts since he did that track with nicki
    But this song is really good I hope it does welll


    Will Reply:

    @a, I agree….do you think that a Drake or Nicki video would only be available in 240p on its release?? Never


  4. Lolsmileyface

    This song is so good!


  5. rick

    real r&b tune, the album is weak im afraid but this is a tune! nice vid too


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