New Music: Jordin Sparks – ‘Skipping a Beat’

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks is head over heels in love on her new song “Skipping a Beat.” The “American Idol” champ, who is dating Jason Derulo, sings the praises of her man on the breezy beat.

“You’re my lover, you’re my friend, you’re my gangsta,” sings a lovestruck Jordin.

She also posted an Instagram video of her singing the song to her man, whose single “The Other Side” was also inspired by their relationship.

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  1. ...

    This is cute. Not great and a little generic (I could hear half a dozen artists on this beat/melody), but cute nonetheless. I also like that she went a little more urban instead of churning out her third straight dance single.


  2. malik_tahir97

    I didn’t expect this….. I like it, but it’s not a hit, sounds like a demo tbh…..


  3. Queenly

    Cute! I was expecting something wack lol


  4. ?

    It sounds like a song by Ariana Grande.


    cndoh Reply:

    Well it was her song, she wrote it based on her luv w/JD so it wl b of no suprise if u think so, but t not d same coz “the way” sounds more maria carey n dz smash soundz lyk Jordin.


  5. cndoh

    I love everything about the song!stunning lyric n that craze beat! This is exactly what I’ve bn waiting to hear ever since dy dated. 1 of ma fav. SO NYC.


  6. bobs

    What is this crap? Sounds like a Mentho’s commercial.
    Gotta come harder than that or she gonna be gathering dust on the shelf with Ashanti.


  7. t.h.e.

    It’s cute, but not quite a hit.


  8. #newrules#

    Jason Derulo lol really? I didn’t even know that.


  9. Bobby

    DAMN I am really feeling this song; not sure it’ll put Jordin on the map at all but its most deffintly fresh as hell.


    Bobby Reply:

    @Bobby, Damn .. I keep replaying it .. this is without a doubt a grower. If radio gives it a chance this is pretty dope .. I could see it on urban and top 40 radio. Its got a great hook and melody that’s very infectious .. I will admit on the first spin it sounded like a filler but I am REALLY into this.


  10. channel_ROMAN

    I liked it. After I used headphones.


  11. Dab

    Didn’t she write the way for Ariana grande because this has the same musical direction.


  12. Jayla

    Jason Derulo a bad boy? lol


  13. g unit v0v x

    nicki minaj watch your crown, Jordan back – bow down barbies


    Ja Reply:

    @g unit v0v x, Have several seats tho’..


  14. KayKay

    Nothing special. Come harder gurl- you can do it.


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