New Music: Meek Mill – ‘Ooh Kill ‘Em’ (Kendrick Lamar Diss)

Ooh Kill 'Em

After igniting his beef with Cassidy, Meek Mill sets his sights on a bigger target—Kendrick Lamar. The MMG MC launches a lyrical assault on the Compton MC following his “Control” verse (Meek was one of the rappers named by K-Dot). Over Dr. Dre’s “Forgot About Dre” beat, he fires a rapid round of shots.

“Hov gave you 24, let you have that/ Now you claimin’ you the king of New York/ What the fuck wrong with you ni**a, step back,” barks Meek.

“Lets stop picking on Cassidy and get 2 da big dogs!” tweeted the Philly rapper, whose mixtape Dreamchasers 3 drops Sept. 29.

Did he do damage? Listen to his explosive bars below.

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  1. Abdullah

    Thank u Kendrick :)


  2. rebecca

    kendrick says hes hot on hip hop atm and meek replies with a diss… smh


  3. kate

    why he dissed him? tell me someone





  4. Kirsten

    Fail. Kendrick still wins.


  5. londongal

    He is just trying to take some of kendrick’s control shine to get some attention for his mixtape, since nobody been checking for him since the rihanna rumour died out.
    he knows damn well it wasn’t a diss. just said he is friends with them all but when it comes to hiphop he is trying to be greater than them all. Meek mills was lucky his ass even got mentioned.


    The Crowd Updater Reply:

    @londongal, Finally someone with some Hip Hop sense! Meek needs to sit his ADHD yelling ass down…


  6. TRUTH

    Meek did this thing on this beat but only Em can tackle the flow and beat. Shoutout to Dre though for making that classic chronic album. Niggas need Detox on some real ish


    God... Reply:

    @TRUTH, Niggas like you must like blowin Em….


    yeezy Reply:

    @God…, tell em god fucking feminem dick riders need to die


  7. Kim

    That was it? Lawd people are blowing this track up like it was the best sh*t ever. Lame! I’m waiting for my boy Kendrick’s come back.


  8. Bossko007

    This guy bore the hell outta me! He constantly yells all the time. He does it to the point where it almost sounds like he’s repeating the same lyrics from his previous songs. He don’t suck. He’s just boring. Idk… It’s just me!


  9. Robert

    Stupid jealous motherfucker!


  10. Deejay

    I’m only on this post bcuz I saw a pic of Terrio’s lil chubby ass. “Oooooooh”


  11. bigbodybenz



  12. YO!

    Meek is wack.. Kendrick will finish him


  13. M2

    I hope the world blows up….


  14. G-STAR

    this dude is delusional. sit and wait til u sold a MIL boiii!


  15. kerry

    why is this ni**a yellin’!!??…


  16. Game/music

    Honestly… The track is okay.. But not great, I feel Meek is tryna start beef to get more rep for himself.


  17. Dj Seba 273

    Zzzzzzz. Booooring.
    He wants to take credit in a war that doesn’t involve him.


  18. Newkidd

    Meek don’t start a fight you won’t finish , cause K-dok will murder you


  19. Millz chopper

    Meek mill is the bomb all niggerz hatein is bitcherz cassidy i hv nev liked this niger his to wack i think his tryin to make a name off meek mill cassidy get a life man


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