New Music: Meek Mill – ‘Kendrick You Next’ (Cassidy Diss)

Meek Mill

Cassidy is back in Meek Mill’s crossfire. The MMG MC dedicates his latest freestyle to his fellow Philly MC. Over several old school hip-hop beats, Meek launches a lyrical assault.

“Cassidy, boy you’re so trash to me/ Do the math, I dissed you, that’s subtracting me/ You ain’t poppin’/ What the fuck could you add to me?” he raps.

He plans to take on Kendrick Lamar next on the intro to his Dreamchasers 3 mixtape, which drops Sept. 29.

Unleash Meek’s fiery freestyle below.

[DJ Enuff]

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  1. Omar

    This is some wack, simplistic ass shit … like all of this guy’s “music.”


    t Reply:

    @Omar, i totally agree!


    KayKay Reply:

    @t, They need to get a room to be honest. I hope Kendrick doesn’t stoop to this low ass mess.


    Brian Reply:

    @Omar, Agree! He ruined all great classic beats


    iL0veee____ Reply:

    @Omar, For Meek to think that coming after Kendrick and still think he will have a career is funny, Kendrick is beyond lyrical and will demolish Meek showing the world that he ain’t nothing but a gimmick

    P.S. So long meek and your dreamchasers record label


  2. Ason Frio

    meek’s flow is crazy. he ignant for this title aha and these classic beats


  3. Ed

    Meek snapped, I know Cassidy bout to come with that heat too though.


  4. freshed

    i dont get it. i mean you are your competitor, so if he thinks cassidy is lame then what does that make him?


    lumbino Reply:

    @freshed, man meek mill is one of the best out there how could you say he’s lame?? pretty sure cassidy is… when did he last drop a song or an album


    dove00 Reply:

    @lumbino, meek hasn’t dropped an album either just those those mixtape. He hasn’t had a offical release yet when everyone else on mmg has something that at least gets radio play. Why is this dude meek so hype now. What happened when cass came out with raid. Meek was on some im not.even going to respond shit. Dam the game has changed, niggas like meek wouldn’t even be able to hold the Mic back the day.


  5. channel_ROMAN

    If only Nicki could just come out and do this.


    kate Reply:

    @channel_ROMAN, omg you are stupid or what? lol always talking about talentless nicki stfu pls


  6. kate

    i love meek


  7. Speechless

    He is beyond irritating. And why is it called “Kendrick You Next” when its not about him?


    isaiah appleman Reply:

    @Speechless, for kendrick to know hes next


  8. LOLatHaters

    We still doing this? And Meek still has a voice after all the yelling on 10 million tracks.


  9. Smart

    Kendrick lamar better start runing lyk david away frm saul cos if meek get hold of him,hmmmm……. We probably gonna lose another rapper.


    JohnnyRuez Reply:

    @Smart, Somebody Should Smack You In The Mouth For Saying That.


    Smart Reply:

    @JohnnyRuez, if meek and kendrick get on the ring am sure k dot wound’nt make it alive cos N.I.G.G.E.R.S are not happy with that brief man.

    I knw meek aint coming on him lyrically cos he knws he is the argueably the king of lyrics.


  10. Ronsoljah02

    This shit is garbage….Cassidy ripped son a new one on his dis track. Now meek trying to reach…strictly garbage…this nigga need to go back to Ross and give his deal money back..first album was bubble gum and now this..cmon man stop it. .you bleeding out…


  11. august alsina, gilbere forte

    guys let face is kendrick is way better than this yelling motherhugga


  12. Ice

    Can’t stand this ignorant rapper.


  13. blueprint

    thats probably the weakest diss track i ever heard!he better of keeping his mouth shut,before cassidy end his career.


  14. Ohnoyoudidnt

    I know he did not just get on a tupac beat spitting this bullshit.





  16. tre



  17. Righteous

    That was a trash worthless response , ’cause Cassidy ran him down already. So if Cassidy bothers to respond……….expect a funeral.


  18. Cherry redz

    Its meek turn rite now if he really want to be a Boss he Need to rep his city instead of going back an forth. Philly rappers never go far an he has a chance if he really was a thinker. Meek no love loss soldier keep it hood.


  19. Cherry redz

    I fucks wit meek cause he from my town. Kendrick just stay in your lane philly is where the gangsters stay and the players play.


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