New Music: Diggy Simmons f/ B.o.B & Key Wane – ‘Mama Said’

Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons has laid low all year, but he unwraps a new song for his Jetsetters just in time for Christmas. The 18-year-old rapper, who once vowed to never curse in his music, shows that’s he grown up since his 2012 debut Unexpected Arrival. He freely drops the F and N-words while spitting rapid-fire rhymes on the B.o.B-assisted “Mama Said.”

“I know you can’t believe it, motherfu**er,” says Diggy, who shares some surprising advice from his mama.

“My mama said don’t be afraid to shit on all these ni**as,” sings Key Wane, who also produced the track.

Diggy is readying his sophomore album for a 2014 release.

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  1. Ice

    Growing up doesn’t mean you have to give up your humbleness. I lost a lot of respect for him.


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  2. Jamie

    His momma ain’t say nun. Justine is a Christian woman as is his father.


  3. lolo

    wow really? why make the vow then cuss? how can your fans trust anything you say now especially the music? im confused, he should have released a statement before releasing this song.


  4. WolfGang

    yo mama wouldn’t say ” shit” or the “word nigga ” … nigga please.


    calichild Reply:

    @WolfGang, he’s not really saying that his mother actually came out her mouth and said that. But he’s saying she encouraged his to not be afraid & show them that he got this shit in the bag


  5. WolfGang

    yo mama wouldn’t say ” sh*t” or the “word n*gga ” … n*gga please.


  6. Why though

    I don’t blame him for cussing cause ppl aren’t taking him seriously and he doing what he got to do to prove that he can rap I enjoy diggy


  7. #RihannaNAVi

    Not Bad…


  8. fuckthis



  9. Not innocent

    All of y’all that are judging him CANNOT sit behind this computer screen and say that y’all have NEVER cursed before in your lives!!! You can be the most Christian person in the world but at the end of the day, you are still a human being who has to face the worlds reality and it’s people. People grow up as well as their music. And who’s too say that he even wrote the song? I don’t condone the cursing, but the song goes hard. Maybe people will finally start listening to the kid.


    sd Reply:

    @Not innocent, the issue is not cursing its going back on his word


  10. Bria

    His mother could have very well said this & just used different words. Plus he might be speaking of his biological mother & not his step-mother.


    d Reply:

    @Bria, Justine (the christian one and rev’s current wife) is his biological mother. The other lady is only Vanessa, Angela, and JoJo’s real mother. Justine is Diggy and Russy’s real mother.


  11. nique

    First Of All, his mother didnt really say all of that if most off you people had sense you would realize he took what his mother said and put it in his own words. Second Of All, You Guys Acting Like Yall Have Never Cursed A Day in Your Life. None Of You Habe The Damn Power To Judge Him Or AnyBody else. HES Not The Only Rapper Who Got Fed Up With People Taking Him As A Fool. So Before Yall Get All Judgemental nd SHIT Make Sure Your FUCKING perfect. #Jetsetter4Lyf


    Wow Reply:

    @nique, SMH. Sweetie, you sound ignorant. Stop ranting and raving and do your research. Like SD said, him cursing is not a problem. Diggy made a vow to NEVER curse in his raps. Yes, nobody is perfect, but he should have never made the statement he would **never** curse in his raps unless he was 100% sure he wouldn’t.


  12. nique

    My Question For All Of The Judges Here is Ummm Are Any Of You Perfect?? Umm No i didnt Think So


  13. Jessica Andrews

    Diggy I love your songs that you came out with, and you cute too.


  14. Jessica Andrews

    You are alsome that you came out with some songs I love you are all some diggy.


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  17. J-Be

    Diggy killed he needed 2 get takin serously nd maybe this will get him sone attention he did what he had 2 do 2.


    Zee Reply:

    @J-Be, Thank you and to all his haters I can bet that you guys can’t rap like or better than him, so shut up and deal with
    your own life. Don’t judge him cause you don’t know him…Ok!


  18. nese

    yall act like yall never went back on yall word maybe he just got fed up and wanted to express his feeling yes like some of yall said anf i quote “diggy vowed to never curse in music” but people grow up and at least when he was cursing he wasnt putting people down especially girls like most rappers he was just stating a point in a way that we will understand and know he isnt playing and hes on his game.


  19. Chyna Love

    Diggy hasbalot of talent and in my opinion is underrated. People weren’t and still aren’t taking him seriously and I guess this is his way of him proving those people who don’t wrong. I’m not saying it’s right for him to curse either. To those who are not wanting to be fans of his because of this you weren’t fans to begin with your suppose to stick with your artist no matter what and that’s exactly what I’m doing. -ChynaL :-)


  20. Arianna

    We’ll your views can change and he’s an adult now.


  21. Nita

    I was surprised to hear of Diggy cursing, and when I heard it for myself, I thought, “why Lord, why!!! My baby cussin lawd help us all in Jesus’ name.” And then I realized that the excessive cussing was just to prove that he needs to be taken seriously as a rap artist. I get it. Unfortunately, he is in an industry where vulgar language does take you places. I am a little disappointed because he promised he wouldn’t cuss in his songs, but as long as he doesn’t start demeaning women and talking about how “long” his money is like the rest of these irritating rappers out here, and continues making good music like a real ARTIST (emphasis on the ART), I’m good. Still love ya Diggy!


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