Video: Usher – ‘Good Kisser’


After debuting the song earlier today, Usher strips down and serves up the sex-drenched video for “Good Kisser,” the first single off his upcoming eighth album.

In the Christopher Sims-directed clip, the suave singer shows off his slick moves as he glides across a soundstage and cavorts with scantily-clad women. The hunky heartthrob also gives the ladies something to drool over as he plays the drums shirtless.

“Good Kisser” is now available on iTunes, while his new album is due this September.

Get intimate with Usher.

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  1. first

    like it, good different sound for him


  2. Max

    King doing his thing. True music.


  3. Howuseeit

    I like the song and the video! I like this sound !


  4. yaya

    This is hot! Track is for grown folks and it doesn’t sound like anything on the radio. Kang of R&B is back!


  5. mon88

    i like and nice titts ush


  6. Rob

    Dope song and video. King is back


  7. Phoenix Wright

    Promising, hopefully the LP is cohesive

    It’s an alright video, I’m just wondering if the girl dancing w/ him at 3:32 (long hair) and onward is the hair whipper from Chris Brown’s Loyal video.


  8. teetee

    like teh song but the vid made me like it even more! ursher’s back!!!



    I loved this!! My nigg Usher back!!


  10. kate

    yassss king


  11. Major Sushi

    Aw man :( no dance solo?


  12. King

    The KING can do no wrong………………


  13. Slim

    King Usher straight SCHOOLING the youngins on how to do this. Derulo and the rest of these water downs need to take notes. I loved the concept of stripped down, sensual, but groovy. Usher DID that. This one is for the old heads. And I have a feeling his new album will be a SLAUGHTERHOUSE, flawlessly executed and produced album.


  14. From France

    Good rnb!

    He did better . He did worst.
    At least , we feel That they worked hard on this song : There is some researches for the beat . It probably Wasn ´t made in 10 minutes.


  15. king or nah

    Umm its alrite…..but I can get it out my head that it reminds me of a song omarion did…..the vibe of the video gives me omarion even tho usher been doing omeraion has been presenting that style lately but youll aint checking for him..


  16. This is dope

    Yes King Usher!
    Awesome song and video.
    Cant wait for the album.


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